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10 Thoughts From An Iowa State Fan



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An Iowa State fan emailed me yesterday to let me know what he liked about Stillwater. Hope you guys enjoy.

1. Our fans just get each other. Chatted with several Pokes about it and I think it’s the “being overshadowed by the other state school” dynamic as well as toiling in terribleness for so long, but both our fan bases are just good, down to earth people that will probably always be friendly, especially to each other.

2. Got in late, so I missed the tailgating scene. Had a lot of OSU fans tell me it was worse than usual because of the 11 AM kickoff, which was mutually agreed on as being terrible and only fit for the Big 10. I plan on being back in 2014 to check it all out.

3. The Limeys: I Googled what was in them today and my drunkenness on Saturday makes a lot more sense. I am going to figure out how to make them to greet you guys with when you visit next year.

4. If you combined the ingredients of Fuzzy’s Tacos with the flour taco shell of a Tasty Taco (try it next time you’re in Des Moines), it would be the greatest food item. Ever.

5. Could not get a table at Eskimo Joe’s, so no cheese fries. Instead, I grabbed a beer and bought an orange and black tshirt to pay tribute to my second favorite Big 12 team (KSU might be close, but I just can’t rock purple) and the beat down you guys laid on us.

6. Are you guys Southern? Midwestern? I can’t figure it out. Half the people I talked to sounded like us “Yankees” (one guy legitimately called me that repeatedly), while the other half had the Southern accent going.

7. I tried, but could not find T. Boone to get a picture with him. Boone Pickens Stadium is super nice though.

8. Stillwater is just a cool town. A lot like Ames, but more conducive to post game drinking with your bars seemingly closer to your BPS than ours are to Jack Trice.

9. Talked to a couple of guys that read Pistols Firing and spoke glowingly of it. You’re like Cowboy royalty, Mr. Porter.

10. Seriously, can we borrow a QB?

You guys should all be following my buddy, Mr. Lite on Twitter. Good dude, good blog, and great school.

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