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10 Thoughts: Iowa State Wrestling



1. Well, let’s all take a moment to reflect on this weekend in one word… My word would be “humbling.” From the first match on Friday to the last match today, the entire weekend was humbling for the Cowboys.

2. The difference, however, is that Oklahoma State is no doubt wrestling the toughest schedule in the nation. We have wrestled every team that means something this season, and we have been able to win every single one.

3. Remember when I said I would be surprised if Chionuma or Rosholt lose again until the Big 12’s? I’m surprised!

4. Iowa State has looked good this entire year; I knew that they were going to be one of the toughest tests for the Cowboys this season. Surprisingly ISU is not ranked very high nationally, but they will surprise people this year.

5. I wouldn’t think too much about any of the matches that happened this weekend. If this funk continues on through the national duals, we are going to have some things to worry about.

6. Eddie Klimara is hands down this season’s most surprising/most improved wrestler. He beat a very good 4x Arizona State champ today in a great fashion. If he can hang with the big guys and major the good guys, he’s going to put up some points at the NCAA tournament.

7. In all sports, I have always had a theory, “to win you must first learn to lose.” And I believe every wrestler on the team has felt that ‘loss’ that my theory relates to. Whether learning to lose is good like Klimara scoring offensive points on Alan Waters (#3) from Mizzou, or bad, such as Chris Perry losing on Friday, every wrestler must feel those defeats on their way to success, and our team as a whole has experienced that.

8. So, I have to talk about Iowa beating Penn State, and how that looks for Oklahoma State. So amidst all of the troubles here this weekend, guess who’s going to be the nation’s #1 wrestling team on Monday ☺

9. This was a pretty ho hum dual meet, I’m pretty sure the wrestlers wish they were at the school watching the Super Bowl rather than wrestling Iowa State in a rebuilding year.

10. SUPER BOWL!!!!!! If you are betting on the money line, bet for the Ravens. If you are betting just to bet, may the football gods be with you!

No. 2 Oklahoma State 25, Iowa State 9

The dual started at 174 pounds

174: No. 1 Chris Perry (OSU) dec No. 20 Tanner Weatherman (ISU), 3-0
184: No. 17 Boaz Beard (ISU) dec. No. 10 Chris Chionuma (OSU), 8-2
197: No. 9 Kyven Gadson (ISU) dec. No. 6 Blake Rosholt (OSU), 3-1
285: No. 3 Alan Gelogaev (OSU) dec. Matt Gibson (MU), 6-5
125: Eddie Klimara (OSU) maj. Ryak Finch (ISU), 11-2
133: No. 3 Jon Morrison (OSU) inj. def. John Meeks (ISU)
141: Luke Goettl (ISU) dec. Julian Feikert (OSU), 5-4
149: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) dec. Max Mayfield (ISU), 7-1
157: No. 10 Alex Dieringer (OSU) dec. Logan Molina (ISU), 4-2
165: No. 3 Tyler Caldwell (OSU) dec. No. 18 Michael Moreno (ISU), 8-2

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