10 Thoughts: Kansas

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire


Well, we didn’t do as the papers foretold but how much fun is it to have meaningful late-February hoops in a full GIA? Kansas was too much (actually I think it was more like OSU was not enough) on Wednesday in Mr. Iba’s sanctuary as they reapplied their stranglehold on the Big 12 crown. I’l try to condense 100 thoughts into 10…

1. Let’s talk about the refs, shall we? Once-in-a-decade scandals aside, I don’ think referees decide the outcome of games. Or at least I defy you to prove it to me statistically. I do, however, feel like Big 12 refs think there are three teams playing ever game — the two schools and the group of guys in striped shirts.

Both Withey and Cobbins had fouls called on them that made my eyes bulge. It’s embarrassing that, win or lose, these clowns continue to insert themselves in the narrative. That’s all on that…for now.

2. Smart was (obviously) not in Big 12 POY form tonight. 2-14 from the field and just one assist — although he did find a way to, somehow, put up 16 points and hit an end-of-regulation three that made GIA wet itself.

I thought he went hard on a bummy ankle, there just wasn’t a ton there tonight. At this point I really have no idea how the tank isn’t on E. These guys have played a ton of minutes (three straight home OT games) and I was a little worried after Bedlam that the win streak was wearing on them, tiring them. I guess we’ll see on Saturday…

3. Kansas made one field goal in two combined overtimes. One. And it came with under a minute left in the second OT. And they won! The difference? Allow Mr. Morris…

4. The Big 12 title shot is gone but there’s still a ton to play for. Quade called me after the game and I said the following things to him about the rest of OSU’s season:

We win out and win the Big 12 tourney: 3-seed
We win four of five and make it to the Big 12 finals: 4-seed
We win three of five and make it to the Big 12 semis: 5-seed, maybe 6-seed.

5. This is correct, the place was rocking GIA-style tonight. I loved it. OSU delivered them a ballgame and they closed so freaking hard. Just wasn’t meant to be tonight I guess…

6. Phil Forte, that three he hit in the first OT was pure ice veins but man, 1-8 from deep is not going to get it done. He’s 12 for his last 47 three-pointers and well, it’s not like he’s bring all-conference defense to the table either. He needs to get it going as the Cowboys head into the tournament(s). Also, side (uniform) note: he needs to black out the socks and shoes J.J. Redick-style. Just go with it, none of this white on white on white garbage.

7. Also true, we shot so poorly. In fact, at 32.8% it was the worst shooting night OSU has had all year.

You might disagree but I thought Kansas’ D was pretty outstanding. The play at the end of regulation when Withey hedged on Smart was emblematic of the entire night — there was just nothing there. Also, I feel like it says a lot about your team, your defense, and your crowd when you shoot 33% and still roll with the #9 team in the nation.

8. That 70-footer from Smart at the end of the first OT…good Lord, you really would have had to rename the university because it would have burned to the ground tonight. Heck, I would have driven up and rushed the Colvin courts tomorrow morning if that thing had dropped. Holder would have asked him for his uniform and made one of his minions run it up the catwalk and wave it from the ceiling as a ceremonial retirement after the game.

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9. I don’t understand Kansas. Are they good? Is Self just the best coach in the history of college basketball? Elijah Johnson just thugs up every game, Withey doesn’t do much for me besides throw around razor blade elbows, Releford and Perry Ellis are “meh”, and Kevin Young might be “the worst player in the history of KU basketball” according to Amilian. McLemore is obviously world-class but I just don’t think, as a team, they’re better than what OSU is throwing out there.

10. I’m officially worried about Saturday. Soul-sucking games against KU have a way of emptying squads and WVU isn’t a fun place to go whether they’re sporting Mike Gansey or Mike Schmidt. Bounce back is big time.

WVU on deck.

  • Derek @dSpivle

    The energy was really great tonight. However, I feel like that was the loudest I have ever heard GIA with minimal impact on the game. Every time it got loud, it was never sustained (TO called, we would commit a foul, etc.). I felt like the players felt the lull too. Also, tiredness definitely showed through in a couple of areas…like passes felt sketchier/softer a lot tonight. When we don’t get transition buckets, our offense starts to get really 1-dimensional. On a lighter note, I also noticed I HATE being down by 4 pts. We were down by 4 a LOT in the 2nd half and it left me feeling anxious each time down the court. What a game from some great cowboys though and I can’t wait to see how Smart rallies everyone to a confident road win this weekend! Just how much does it say about what this team has done this year to be expecting a win at WVU after such a heartbreaking loss?! GO POKES!!

  • Troy

    6 more inches… 6 more inches….

  • Tulsa Poke

    Love this team and rarely have missed a game in many many years – bottom line, we should have closed the game out in regulation. Get closer to the basket and get fouled or dish off for a slam. 99 times out of a hundred you are not going to beat KU in OT with Self vs Ford and KU’s bench vs OSU’s bench. Our boys gave it their all though, and so didi the fans!

    • Brian


  • Aaron Snith

    Ford got out coached. Kansas adapted to hurt our shooting we did not adapt. I was disappointed on our phantom player again as he started the game seeming to be mentally some where else than at the game. Smart played his heart out and got hammered by a thug. He still played hard. In a closely called game we would have been playing the water boy and volunteers from the stands for both sides. The refs let too much go on. Missed some key calls like the out of bounds that hit Kansas player standing out of bounds after he bounced it of our player. the Kansas center holds more than any football offensive line in the conference. He pushed smaller players under the basket and did not get called for it. Bless the Cowboys and may they play well as the seek to get in the final four again.

    • Brad

      Out coached? Are you serious? Sure he can’t draw up a ‘time running out play’ time save his life, but he also didn’t shoot 30% from the floor.

    • Brad

      Not to mentioned the missed FTs…

      • Jheri Curl

        Yeah, oSu stinks at FTs. There’s no excuse, make these dudes shoot 200 after practice. They are called “FREE” for a reason.

  • Nate

    First of all, both teams were horrible last night. Horrible.

    But the officiating…. My gosh, it was absolutely horrific in OT. Can some one please tell me why in the living hell Jeff Withey gets star treatment? You seriously can’t touch the guy. Need to watch it again on TV, but the last two calls against cobbins were absurd. And gotta love how Withey never fouls out too. The dude is average at best. I don’t think he could score on me with his back to basket. There were some agregious fouls called on smart too. And how many times does Releford walk when he touches it? Seriously, has to be 50% of the time.

    But honestly… Winning a close game and not having to make a fg for over ten minutes… I mean, that just says it all.

  • larry

    have not made a negative comment on nash all year (or even last year); but, after the 2nd half you put together at OU how do you start the KU game like you did and not expect to be classified as the biggest disappointment to ever step foot on the OSU BB court? two good halves of BB in Big 12 play (total). and start off a game against the #9 team in the country at home in front of a sellout raucous crowd so unfocused that you allow your man to get 3 offensive rebounds on 3 consecutive possessions and can’t even hit a free throw.

    • Brian

      +1. I saw the exact same thing. Eddie would’ve had him sitting next to him catching an earful for the lack of effort. I can’t stand watching him not help on defense. He offered no help on the game winner by Tharpe.

      • Keller

        Commits first foul in second OT = playing like a schoolgirl.
        Can’t convince me that’s “good defense”, if you’re playing physical with his size you’re going to draw AT LEAST 1 foul in 45 minutes of play.

  • Dylan

    Help D was absent most of the night. All the blow byes (which happen, but shouldn’t have nrealy as much as they did) had no help coming from behind.

    UNREAL game, and an epic performance by both teams. I am so proud of our team right now. Do I have gripes and complaints? Yes (free throw shooting, play calls at the end of each session, OT officiating consistency or lack thereof) but over all, a great team lost to another great team in an amazing game. Lets rest up, refocus, and pound the mountain people!

  • SamIam

    How different would the game have been if Ford didn’t call his last time out with 2:00 to go in 2ot and used it for the last play? Yes, Ford got out coached.

  • Jheri Curl

    The refs were horrendous! The last foul on Smart was a LMAO type but how many walks did they not call on KU. Someone wanted KU to win, you just don’t get those calls not called or called in your own house.

  • Newbs

    #4, big 12 title shot is over?