10 Thoughts: Mizzou Wrestling

1. I have been waiting for this dual for the entire season, and it went much differently (basically exactly the opposite) than I had thought it would, but Missouri had opportunities to beat Oklahoma State, but the Pokes showed just how strong and deep the entire team is.

2. Klimara is wrestling out of his mind as a true freshman. He has consistently wrestled the top guys in the nation, and has consistently been in the matches…iron sharpens iron.

3. The reason this match was half as bad as it was is because of injuries. With Oliver limping with a foot injury, and Morrison in his first match back from his injury, the dual was potentially much closer than it should have been.

4. And Rex Holt….”There are 16,000, wait, did they say 6,000 in attendance?” Rex, does it look like an Oklahoma State basketball game, or a Kansas basketball game? There’s your answer!

5. We as fans have to be pretty content with what we have seen this year, and we pretty much know exactly what to expect from the team for the rest of the season, and in regards to Penn State, that’s scary.

6. I don’t know about you, but I saw a loss coming for Chris Perry. Something about him just doesn’t scream undefeated to me. Not saying he won’t win a national championship, but to go undefeated in a full season in college wrestling is tough, very few do it.

7. Great upsets from Chris Chionuma (again) and Blake Rosholt. I would be surprised if either of these wrestlers lost again before the late rounds of the NCAA’s or Big 12’s.

8. I’m not sure how much I like the whole wrestling and gymnastics at the same time, but it does make a lot of sense, and I’m glad more schools are doing this!

9. Oklahoma State’s last dual meet (not really) of the season is this Sunday against a pretty tough Iowa State. Although we are a huge favorite, Iowa State has some tough wrestlers.

10. Most people will disagree, and I talked about it earlier, but I think Oklahoma State has an opportunity at a national championship this year. The NCAA’s is a different ball game, and as a tournament team, we match up pretty well.

No. 2 Oklahoma State 21, No. 7 Missouri 13

The dual started at 184 pounds

184: No. 12 Chris Chionuma (OSU) dec. No. 9 Mike Larson (MU), 5-4
197: No. 15 Blake Rosholt (OSU) dec. No. 10 Brent Haynes (MU), 4-3
285: No. 3 Alan Gelogaev (OSU) fall Devin Mellon (MU), 4:15
125: No. 3 Alan Waters (MU) dec. Eddie Klimara (OSU), 4-2
133: No. 5 Nathan McCormick (MU) dec. No. 3 Jon Morrison(OSU), 4-3
141: Nicholas Hucke (MU) dec. Julian Feikert (OSU), 5-4
149: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) dec. No. 18 Drake Houdashelt (MU), 4-2
157: No. 10 Alex Dieringer (OSU) dec. No. 20 Kyle Bradley (MU), 5-3
165: No. 3 Tyler Caldwell (OSU) dec. No. 19 Zach Toal (MU), 3-1 SV2
174: No. 15 Todd Porter (MU) MD No. 1 Chris Perry (OSU), 9-1

  • OSU-Bill

    Love the wrestling coverage! Keep it up.

  • Aaron Snith

    Is it just my memory or are we wrestling less duals than we use to wrestle? I seem to remember 8 home matches and 6 or 7 on the road. Maybe 2 tournaments. Now it seems like we wrestle more tournaments and less duals. Is this due to the number of schools who dropped wrestling due to Title IX added to the number who said it cost too much? We used to look forward to the duals in Gallager when I was in school. Students would try not to have any other things to do when we had a match. We planned evenings to eat, go to the match, and then party to celebrate; or go to the match, eat out, and party to celebrate. We even set up caravans to go to OU and KSU.
    Is student interest the reason attendance is down in most of the venues for wrestling?