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10 Thoughts On Arizona



1. The Kye Staley story is phenomenal, yes, but Monken has also figured out how to work him into the offense really well with the swing passes and occasional run. I have a feeling he’s going to factor in if OSU is going to have the season we think they’re going to have.

2. Alex Elkins was insane tonight, I felt like he out Shaun Lewis-ed Shaun Lewis. For those who haven’t seen his knee injury on TV yet, it didn’t look great. It wasn’t McGahee bad, but I’m surprised he came back.

3. I don’t know why more teams don’t run that WR pitch play Arizona ran tonight. It’s not really a high-risk play (unless your RB has Javorskie Lane’s hands) and I don’t really foresee a scenario in which it wouldn’t be successful.

4. Rece Davis and Jesse Palmer talked about video game controllers for five minutes. And Craig James just sat there wondering how in the world he hasn’t been fired yet. You’re better than that, Rece.

5. As good as Weeden was in the 1st half, it felt kind of strange OSU was only up 21 at halftime. It felt like it should have been 28 or 31. I’m not complaining, because that was one of the five best halves of football I’ve ever seen from OSU, it just seemed odd that they didn’t have more to show for it. I mean they were essentially perfect.

6. It’s pretty weird that OSU hasn’t worn orange anything for a uniform combo yet when the school has been preaching how orange we are for the last 5-10 years.

7. I didn’t realize how chippy this game was going to be. I figured the early jawing was a function of the fact that this was the first big game for both teams but it really seemed like there was some bad blood flowing.

8. As good as Weeden looked (and he was brilliant), it seemed like he was a little behind his receivers all night. It didn’t hurt him until the pick at the goal line, but it’s worth noting.

9. The defensive line is getting in the backfield a step or a half step earlier than they have the last few seasons. It doesn’t seem like it would matter that much but it makes a world of difference in how this entire defense functions.

10. Blackmon is not playing on the same level as everyone else. I completely misjudged the kind of season he was going to have in my predictions, for whatever reason. There are times when it looks like he’s not even moving and all of a sudden Weeden drops one into his hands like it just fell from the heavens. They make something very difficult look almost child-like.

Bonus: I was told by about a dozen people how terrific the student section was. Props to everyone for that, now go out and shut down Joe’s and Murphy’s. And be safe. And don’t go to class tomorrow.

I’ll have a full write-up for you in the morning plus a ton of links for you to peruse on your Friday while you’re not working…

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