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10 Thoughts On Bedlam



1. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

2. I tweeted this at the end of the first quarter, but OSU was just the better team. They had better athletes, called better plays, ran better schemes, and played the better game. And if you played that game 99 more times, they’d win it 98 of them.

3. How awesome was it that the Belldozer didn’t even get in the game until the end of the 4th? And proceeded to explode OU message board servers everywhere with “this guy should be starting over Landry” threads.

4. One of my favorite moments from being at the game was Monken and a few of his assistants flying out of the southwest end zone tunnel with three minutes left in the 4th on a straight beeline for the sideline before sharing a Trooper Taylor-like chest bump with Clint Chelf. Very Monken of him.

5. If you had Weeden will throw 0 TD but OSU will win by 34 and it will feel more like 54, well, you’re lying.

6. The stadium when OSU took the field was the loudest I’ve ever heard it, and I don’t say that every year. The second loudest I’ve ever heard it was when OSU ran in a blocked punt circa Bedlam 2004. The crowd was incredible tonight. I’m not a mathematician, but the math of 45,000+ OSU season tickets + 5,000 OU tickets sure looked closer to the 60,218 capacity than it should have.

My two favorite lines of the night:

7. Larry Reece over the PA while the students rushed the field: “Be safe, but tonight you guys get to party like a Big 12 champion!”

8. Matt Quade (a PFB contributor) after I asked him what we were going to do to celebrate: “we’re going to calculate some math and Google some Harris poll voters!!!”

That second quote is also a sign that I’m not in college anymore.

9. The field rushing was impressive, really impressive, and the goal posts coming down was even better. I was way wrong about the fact that students shouldn’t rush the field because it was absolutely appropriate. Prayers for these kids though.

10. 11-1, state champs, Big 12 champs, and we’re all going to be pretty upset if we see a #3 next to “Oklahoma State.” We’re a long way from 2005…y’all.

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