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10 Thoughts On Kansas



1. My goodness.

2. It was like OSU went out after KU scored their first touchdown and said, “oh, that’s cute that you guys put up 7 on us, here’s 56 in a row, have fun with OU next weekend.”

3. I’m just going to keep asking it as if producing voluminous amounts of content will help get my point across more clearly: what does Brandon Weeden have to do to get in the Heisman race?! He was 24-28 (school record for percentage in a game) for 288 and 5…IN 25 MINUTES OF FOOTBALL IN A CONFERENCE GAME. He makes playing QB in the Big 12 look a lot easier than it’s supposed to.

4. I know a lot of you were following this game online or via Twitter and yes, it was as ridiculous in person as I imagine it felt following on the internet. I legitimately lost track of the score two or three times.

5. OSU scored 8 TDs in a 21-minute span between the first and second quarters.

6. They also tied the school record for points in a game with 70. And trust me it could have been 100 if Gundy had wanted. I really wish there had been some scuffle between our basketball teams in the last few years that ended with Bill Self taking a dump on the OSU logo at midcourt just so Gundy would have been justified in leaving the starters in all game. Weeden could have easily thrown for 750 and 10. Easily.

7. I wonder how many turnovers OSU has forced in the last two years on long plays down the field. Two weeks ago at A&M it was the fumble Daytawion Lowe forced on a 30-yard passing play, today Jamie Blatnick recovered a fumble on a 25-yard James Sims run in the first quarter. Blatnick also had the catch of the game with the one-handed tip pick he pawed at the end of the first half.

8. Speaking of people named Sims, Herschel finally got some playing time tonight. He was wearing #18 without a name on the back even though he’s listed as #23 in the media guide. He scored (who didn’t though?) and looked like a beast. How good are your four running backs for next year? Joseph Randle, Jeremy Smith, Desmond Roland, and Herschel Sims. And that’s only if Barry Sanders decides on Florida State or Standford. Otherwise you can throw him in too. Wow.

9. Text of the day came from Quade in the middle of the second quarter: “you know you have a good football team when you’re disappointed in the way they score touchdowns.”

10. Joseph Randle only touched the ball eight times. Monken flipped the playbook he used against Tulsa when they forced OSU to beat them by running the ball. Today 19 of OSU’s first 23 plays were passes and I don’t remember one where the receiver didn’t have a comfortable amount of breathing room. It was really fun to watch.

11. (bonus) Great teams, I mean truly great football teams, always have this thing where they play games within the game they’re playing. They get bored with winning and have to keep themselves entertained with mini-challenges. At the end of the first half when OSU was already up 56-7 Kansas was trying to score on a 4th and 14 that you would have thought was to win the Orange Bowl. Weeden had his arms up on the sidelines, the crowd was screaming rabidly, and OSU’s D was dead set on getting a stop. They did. OSU is a great team.

(bonus #2) How about this from one of our favorites? Yeah, it’s still early, but still fun to think about…

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