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10 thoughts on OSU and Iowa State

Losing at Hilton is nothing to hang your head about.



That was a tough loss, but only on the surface.  Although we’d all prefer a second-round game in the Big 12 tourney against OU rather than Kansas, OSU will make the Dance.  To the thoughts:


• I don’t understand why the qualifier for which of two games is shown on ESPN is when they started. Each team’s fans have already left a 20-point blowout so why not just flip to the closer game? (Note: I wrote this before Kansas’ comeback so I guess that’s maybe why they do it.)

• Kamari Murphy can’t possibly be this bad at going up when he’s under the rim, can he? Also, all of his rebounds seem to be borderline accidental.

• Iowa State had its offensive dial turned to “Phil Forte + Marcus Smart” in the first half. Yanking from all over the place and missing most of them. • I feel like Fran wakes up saying “if this was a prize fight…”

• This was pretty awesome…

• The Smart flopping thing has gone from “yikes” to “that’s embarrassing” to “meh, I can kind of laugh at it now.” The full gamut.

• Yup, this is true…

(Amilian takes over from here)

• Thanks to Pistolsguy for letting me take over the 10 Thoughts when Iowa State made it a one-point game at 47-46. That’s fair-weather blogging right there.

• If teams are going to continue to foul Forte on 3-point attempts, I like our chances in the tournament much better than I did yesterday

• He shot it well at times today but the quick Smart 3-pointer at the 6-minute mark down by two transitioned into an easy two points for Iowa State.  His errant 3s are not what stopped Iowa State’s run. If you think he should keep putting them up until they go in, there might be a 10-year $20M contract out there for you somewhere.

• If I was an opposing fan, I would probably boo Smart every time he touched the ball, too.

• College basketball fans (primarily students) are all doing the same things during free throws (constant yelling, waving arms) and when a player fouls out (calling out his steps followed by “sit down!”). Can we start something new in GIA next year?

Like during free throws: complete silence except for one dedicated student who can talk to the shooter as he preps for his shot. Just…something different please.

• Forte going 5-8 from the line in regulation is pretty astonishing

• Guys, believe it or not, this tweet is not the reason Iowa State hit that shot to send the game into OT. I know it sounds crazy, but they’re unrelated. Oh, nor does it make him a prick as someone stated on the Twitter. I’m not going to post any of the ridiculous mentions, but feel free to check them out yourself.

•This Ubben tweet covers my “Hoiberg > Ford” thought.  Fouling when up 3 with under 10 seconds left is not a new strategy, Travis.

• If this loss takes us from an 8 or a 9 seed to a 10 seed, then mark it down as a good loss.  I’ve always said I’d rather have that 10 spot than either two above it. Your first round match-up isn’t that different in terms of difficulty (if at all) and you avoid playing a 1 seed in the second round.

• Beat Tech

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