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10 Thoughts on OSU and Kansas State


It was even uglier than the 48-14 final score indicated, if that’s even possible.

OSU got the ol’ “gonna put my third team QB in with four minutes left” treatment from Bill Snyder which is as close to a middle finger as the old man will ever raise.





It was even uglier than the 48-14 final score indicated, if that’s even possible. OSU got the ol’ “gonna put my third team QB in with four minutes left” treatment from Bill Snyder which is as close to a middle finger as the old man will ever raise.

I barely noticed the QB switch, however, because I was watching the second half through my fingers like it was a horror film (which it kind of was).

Also, the field of play isn’t the only place your Pokes are struggling. Amilian and I both thought we were doing the 10 Thoughts tonight so we’re going to combine it into more like 12 thoughts.

Let’s go.

1. That first drive though: It’s something to hang our hats on in the offseason, no? Eight plays, six of them to Tyreek, Daxx was 3/3 and didn’t try to throw it 392 yards in the air a single time!

Are we totally sure Mike Yurcich had made it to the press box at that point?

Even Gundy was like “WHERE HAVE THESE PLAYS BEEN ALL SEASON?”[1. Probably not what he was saying.]

But really, at this point I was convinced OSU was going to at least cover if not give Kansas State a catfight.[1. I’ll be here all year — even though I’m not sure I want to be.]

It wasn’t all Tyreek, either!

Okay, it was mostly Tyreek.

Alas, the offensive line remembered what colors it was wearing and Kansas State remembered it can pressure No. 12 with no risk of repercussion.

OSU went 0 for its next 13 drives to end the game. It ran 55 plays for 177 yards after that first drive. I am in statistical hell.

2. OSU is just lousy at the sport of football this season: I’m not sure how many different ways to say this but I like the word “lousy” when it comes to describing this squad.

It sounds like you’re sort of trying but the effort or the talent (or both) just isn’t anywhere what you need to be successful. Sort of like the Fast & Furious franchise where people just start hate watching for fun.

I think I might hate watch the rest of the season.

This, by the way, is as metaphorical as it gets:

3. Tyreek is fun as hell: I won’t be hate watching No. 24, however. Even his non-punt returns are electrifying.

He became the first OSU running back to have a 100-yard game this season (it’s November 1, I know) and though he barely touched the rock in the second half (because why would you give it to your fastest guy?) he still had 136 of OSU’s 261 yards.

And he did a lot of this (which seems unfair):

4. I love Kansas State: Forgive me, OSU fans, but their offense is just exceptional. Jake Waters is an atrocious thrower but he runs that run-pass option thing like he invented it for Tebow.

Also, a thing called a Sexton Curry had nine for 159 and a TD tonight and put on a clinic for OSU’s wideouts who probably weren’t watching anyway because they were planning which fast food restaurant in Stillwater to hit up tonight at 3 a.m.

They never turn the ball over, never make mistakes, and if I had a nickle for every white linebacker they have who wouldn’t have started at Jenks or Union I could start a Kickstarter to buy out Travis Ford.

Snyder is a wizard, that’s for sure, and I’ll be rooting for them to win out and light FSU up en route to the national title game.

5. The QB issues are two-fold: Not exactly breaking news here but OSU’s offensive line is (and has been) garbage.

I mean, if this is what we’re calling blocking then you could put Aaron Rodgers back there and OSU would be limping towards 6-6.

But that doesn’t mean Daxx is exempt. He’s about as adept at checking down as I would be at banging the 10 Thoughts out in Mandarin. There’s just not a lot going on there if his first guy doesn’t have a step on his defender.

That’s an experience thing, no doubt, but he’s had enough that he should have at least grown into it by now. Instead he and Ramon Richards have the same number of touchdowns since halftime of the Kansas game.

Here’s what Amilian wrote to me after the game: “I’m so over the Daxx deep balls. He’s participating in a season-long game of 500 and OSU receivers aren’t winning.”

Very true.

6. (Amilian) I’m out on Yurcich, but let’s not act like this down season is all about coaching.  No program is immune to bad seasons.  Here are some programs that have had a losing season in the past 4 years (2010-2013):  Auburn, Florida, Texas and Clemson.

It’s just one of those seasons and we have to hope we’ll get back on the upswing next year.

7. The Black-White-Orange look: Let’s talk about something positive!

It’s the best uni combo OSU has but it’s also 0-2 now and both games have been brutal in different ways. I don’t know what to do with that.

Of course, OSU could have been wearing the body armor from the Bond 007 game on Nintendo 64 and it would have still gotten smoked tonight.

I just hope they keep pumping tri-color combos. Also, thumbs up on the black socks to cap the look.

8. (Amilian) I’ll forever remember this game: Not because of what was happening on the TV screen.  It was my 6-day-old son’s first OSU game. No, he had no idea what was going on, but that is probably for the best. We might skip basketball season altogether.

9. I’m starting to get concerned about next season: The battle cry all season has been “wait until next year!” Well…what about next year?

This isn’t TCU in 2013 where they lost six games by 10 points or less. OSU is getting SMOKED right now. OSU has been outscored 137-40 in the last 14 quarters by Kansas, TCU, West Virginia, and Kansas State.

What happens against Baylor and OU and what if Texas gets good again?

I think we default to “a Gundy-led team will always be 9-3 good” and that’s definitely where I go in my head but like Gundy has always said, you have to have a really good QB to win the Big 12 and this season has shown us that the same is true of your offensive line.

The defense will improve because the defense’s issues are mental, not physical. I’m not sure you can say the same about the offense.[1. Of course all of this changes if you believe in JW or think Mason Rudolph is the second coming. I’m leery of both.]

10. But I’m positive this isn’t the answer:

Gundy is now 64-23 since 2009. That’s an incredible number. He might have the longest leash in the Big 12 but at the same time that crown (albeit only an orange one) is getting a little heavier than it was, say, the day before Bedlam last season.

He’s not even in “the seat is tepid” territory but the irony of building a world-class football program essentially from scratch is that fans start holding you to a standard you never even thought would be possible to reach just one time when you began.

11. (Amilian) Warning, this is hideous: While we’re talking about outstanding OSU stats:

Another? Okay…  

Okay Trotter, FINISH HIM

12. We’ve always got this: Maybe.

Enjoy your Sunday and be thankful that with the time change tonight you do, in fact, get part of the time you spent watching that abomination of a game back!

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