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10 Thoughts On OSU Missouri



1. This is what Gus said (screamed?) to open the telecast: “There are 70,000 on hand to watch what might be the best team in the country. They’re explosive, cocky, and UN-dee-FEATED!” I want Gus to announce the birth of my first child.

2. Was it just me or did Weeden look about 6’10 in the all-white uniform?

3. The stadium looked full to start 11 AM kick but not “7 PM we’ve been hammering Bud Lights all day” full. There’s a big difference. The scheduling gods have been smiling favorably on OSU this year and now they’re coming home for a pair to get to 9-0.

4. Why does the white “M” behind Missouri’s end zone look like it’s made of diapers?

5. There was quite a bit of chatter regarding all the wide receiver drops (as their should have been), but how many ended up hurting OSU? I can think of two: the little out to Cooper that would have been a 1st down that inexplicably slipped through his hands and forced OSU to punt two plays later. And the laser-beam to Moore over the middle with a guy on his back that would have put them inside the 15. They ended up having to kick a 36-yard FG.

6. I loved Gundy in his interview at halftime: “…our offense is predicated on catching the football.” Uh yeah, all the ones not named “Navy, Air Force, and Georgia Tech” kind of are.

7. I’ve learned that no matter the situation the following three things will always be things that people complain about: announcers, referees, and the speed of the iPhone 3G.

8. How nasty was Jamie Blatnick? 5 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss, 1 forced fumble, 2 pass break-ups (one of which led to an INT), and a sack. Have a day. Actually with the way he played against UT last week, how about have a fortnight!!

9. The gameplan was odd. 36/10 pass/run split in the first half then it flipped to a 13/21 pass/run split in the second half. It didn’t seem like the reason was because OSU had a lead either. It just seemed like that’s what the plan was. I guess Blackmon being out might have had something to do with it.

10. Speaking of Blackmon being out, I thought the moment of the game was in Gundy’s postgame interview when he insinuated that Blackmon could have easily played but that he “has too big of a future” and too much at stake to risk exacerbating his mild concussion. We get so caught up in this game and forget that these are real people with real lives suffering real physical injuries. Props to Gundy for not getting caught up in the hype in a game where the wide receivers could have used some serious help.

Two bonus commercial thoughts:

11. I tweeted that KFC bowls were what’s wrong with America. Then I saw the Golden Corral chocolate fountain. Then a reader reminded me of the KFC double down (the sandwich using fried chicken for bread). Then I wanted to die.

12. The John Lynch Haas Avacado commercial is the worst piece of marketing I’ve ever seen.

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