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10 Thoughts On Tech



1. Wow. In conference games this year OSU has led 66-6, 42-0, and 56-7. This is pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted from an OSU team. They score like Timberlake, collect turnovers like old people collect stamps, and stick the dagger in early. I wish we could bottle up this season and spread it out over the next 10-20 years. This is the first time OSU has ever been 10-0. Like, ever.

2. Congratulations to Brandon Weeden on passing Zac Robinson on the all-time passing TDs list. He’s within 150 of the all-time yards record, so that’s what, three series’ in Ames?

3. Tech didn’t have an offensive touchdown. That hasn’t happened since September of 2006 in a 12-3 loss to TCU (via @MGraham17). Hell, they didn’t have an offensive score!

4. Josh Stewart had zero TDs in his first 553:18 of college football. Then he had three in 27:50.

5. I don’t know how I feel about Bob Davie and Bob Wischusen talking about Weeden winning the Heisman. On one hand, I’m like “yes, finally someone being rational about Luck and the Heisman race.” But on the other hand I’m like “wow, I 100% agree with something Bob Davie is saying, I’m not sure how I feel about things right now.” Either way they did say they thought Weeden was the frontrunner right now. Skip Bayless agreed later on. Can we get someone decent like Rece or Herbstreit to agree so we can feel good about it?

6. There was no rational explanation for Gundy having the starters in after the first series in the second half. Unless ha has cash on Weeden winning the Heisman at 25-1. That might literally be the only thing I’d believe.

7. I’m not trying to be sarcastic (I did that earlier), but how in the HELL did OU lose to these guys? As @dave_OKC pointed out, they were so bad it almost seemed like they were shaving points!

8. Bob Davie said the words “this is an oiled up team” about Oklahoma State in the first half. Seriously. I’m with @jaredgallagher when he says, “It’s a That’s-What-She-Said-fest when Bob Davie is calling the game.”

9. I thought the white | white | gray unis from OSU today were very Oregon of them. I might be in the minority here, but I pretty much love everything Oregon throws out there. Instead of tempering what OSU is doing, I hope they open it up. Orange helmets, 1960s throwbacks, silver shoes, all of it. Just let it ride.

10. Matt Quade (some of you know him as a contributor to our podcast every week) and I text each before before every game a simple “New Orleans.” He sent me one at halftime today that just said, “get your beads ready.”

Get your beads ready, indeed. Eight quarters left.

The dream is alive.

And this pretty much sums it up for Tech (via @bubbaprog):

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