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10 Thoughts on Texas A&M

10 thoughts, ideas, and musings from Saturday’s MASSIVE win over Texas A&M



1. That second half, I mean, my goodness. As devastating and willful a 30 minutes of football as I’ve ever seen from an Oklahoma State team. As I said on Twitter, it was like every 2nd half against Texas the last ten years, except exactly the opposite.

2. Weeden was magnificent. Everything he did was cold-blooded and precise. 47-60 for 437 and 2 with 0 picks (and it should have been 450 and 3) against the #15 defense in the country. What do I have to do to get this dude in the Heisman race?

3. The 3rd and 4th quarters were the best I have ever seen an Oklahoma State team play on defense. They did everything – massive hits, timely turnovers, incredible interceptions. They might give up a ton of yards and points but they show up when it matters.

4. Just to drive the point home – teams who get put on the mat in the first half of huge road games and come up absolutely swinging in the second half are definitely national title contenders.

5. One of my A&M friends texted me after the game and said the crowd wasn’t nearly as loud as it usually is. Obviously, OSU’s stomach punch 3rd quarter had something to do with that but he (and I) also thought the 2:30 kick had more effect than Aggie fans thought it would.

6. We were 8 Hubert Anyiam yards from OSU having three 100-yard receivers (Cooper had 123, Blackmon had 121) in one game, I’m pretty sure that’s never happened before. I loved how often Weeden went to Anyiam on that little quick out. I feel like OSU could have run that 50 times in a row in the second half.

7. I thought for a while the Blackmon fumble might be our Kyle Brotzman moment of 2011. What I loved, however, was how quickly he got up and ran back to the sidelines, as if to say “hey guys it’s over, I screwed up, we have to forget about it.” Definitely what you want from the best player on your team.

8. Forget the tip ball pick in Bedlam last year, Broderick Brown had the game of his life today. He was all over Jeff Fuller (6 for 55 and 2 TD) every time I looked up. With Hedgepeth out for the year now, he and Gilbert are going to have to step up even more than they already have.

9. Weeden streaking down the sideline at Kyle Field after James Thomas had that last pick to seal it was the image of the year thus far.

10. Speaking of sealing it, how nervous does everyone get when OSU lines up in the victory formation? First we have Weeden taking snaps from the shotgun after last year’s Troy debacle. Then we have the dude who just fumbled out of the back of the endzone running out of the back of that same endzone to end it. I was terrified.

11. (bonus) To everyone who says I “don’t believe in OSU” and I’m a chump for picking A&M: I call games like I think they’re going to play out. If I said OSU was going to win every sporting event they ever played you wouldn’t read my blog because you wouldn’t be able to take me seriously.

So much more to come later tonight and tomorrow…keep checking back in, or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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