10 Thoughts On The Texas Tech Game

Written by Kyle Porter
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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

1. First of all, I want to say thanks for everybody who came out to buy a shirt today. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of you and I hope you enjoy your new gear. For those who weren’t able to make it, we will have the shirts available online shortly. And how about this guy nabbin’ a shirt?

2. How about that first half from Clint Chelf and Isaiah Anderson? Ike had 174 and three and it should have been about two hundy and four if he hadn’t dropped the first one. My favorite part was Chelf’s MJ hands-in-the-air “I don’t know what’s happening” move after the last one…

3. This defense, man, they’ve been outstanding since the Texas game. They probably won’t get the credit last year’s D got from OSU fanatics but that’s a turnover/luck/Gilbert issue, not a team thing. Tech’s five worst offensive outputs go like this:

Iowa State – 24 points
OU – 20 points
Texas – 22 points
KSU – 24 points
OSU – 21 points

Good company, all.

4. How about a few coeds for Zack Craig tonight for his performance on special teams? Two blocks and a scoop and run for the TD. I don’t know what switch Gundy flipped after the Kansas State game but OSU’s punt/field goal/kickoff units have been superb the last two weeks.

5. Does anybody keep his feet moving better than Joe Randle? He’s unbelievable and not getting stood up, ducking out of tackles, shaking off defenders, and handing good 2nd and 3rd down situations to his maniacal offensive coordinator.

6. I was driving back to Dallas in the second half so I got Dave Hunzicker, John Holcomb, and Robert AllenOnTheMic. Hunzicker is for some reason I can’t figure out obsessed with the phrase “the full diamond” as it relates to the way OSU sets up in the backfield. Call me crazy here, but isn’t it either a diamond or not a diamond. Like, if it’s a half diamond, isn’t it a triangle?

Also, I’m convinced you could run a corpse at QB in the diamond formation and be effective. That’s how awesome it is.

7. Seth Doege is a good quarterback and OSU’s front four made him look silly. Speaking of the front four, I’ve lived through seasons where we couldn’t have reached the QB with all 11 guys rushing and now you’re telling me we’re going to force quick throws with four or three (!) guys rushing? Complete change of the defensive culture in Stillwater.

8. Easily the stat of the night was that OSU didn’t complete a pass in the second half and still outscored Tech 24-7. I think we all remember the last time we went pass-less in a half, but we also remember who it happened with…

9. I don’t love the #WalshingMaching package in the red zone and on 4th downs but I’m willing to give it a try given OSU’s struggles to score TDs inside the 20. It’s weird to bring in your smallest QB to run something Tebow, Collin Klein, and Blake Bell have made popular but in Monken we trust[1. Until it blows up on us in Bedlam next week like it did in Tuscon.]

10. All the coeds for #10 tonight. OSU is, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, still alive in the BCS race. Your “who do I root for” guide goes like this: OU tonight, anybody playing Texas, KSU always, and anybody playing Michigan. That is if you like golf in Phoenix in January.

  • The “Cowboys in the Fiesta Bowl”-argument is strong. I love how Bedlam has had BCS implications for the last few years.

  • Steven Myers

    How cool is it to say that you sold a TShirt to all around OSU baseball badass and White Sox Skipper Robin Ventura? Forrest Gump would be jealous.

  • Marlena

    It was great getting to meet the guy behind the blog! As far as football games and deja vu, it is turning out like the same weekend last year! Upset city! KSU losing is not a sight I really want to see.

  • Mark

    How weird of a season has it been when we have a defensive tackle with more interceptions than our starting cornerbacks? That pretty much sums it up, no?

  • Stu

    Why were you driving back to Dallas during the second half???

    • Oh and to answer your question Stu, I actually didn’t go. Watched first half at a friend’s house so I could take notes so you guys would have something to read and then left for Dallas because my parents were in town.

  • Blake

    Because he only made the trip to try to make a buck or two off of Clint Chelf’s cult following

    • Haha, well I’m down about $300 if that makes you feel better, Blake.

      • Nolo

        Some kid in Uganda wearing a “Stanford 2012 Fiesta Bowl Champions” shirt is going to be super jealous of his friend wearing this “Choo-Choo” shirt.

  • DCPokeFan

    Love Isaiah Anderson’s postgame quote: “Shaving off the beard makes me feel faster. It definitely makes me feel younger…”

  • CowboyKS

    News flash, Sooners aren’t a Tech this year. Will this get it done?
    “8. Easily the stat of the night was that OSU didn’t complete a pass in the second half and still outscored Tech 24-7. I think we all remember the last time we went pass-less in a half, but we also remember who it happened with…

  • Cameron

    We were 0 for 4 in the third quarter, and didn’t throw a pass in the 4th. I think that’s a little different

  • Tootall50

    HOw about the similarities of the randle leap with the Sanders leap the year he won the heisman.