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10 Thoughts on Tulsa



1. There was no rhythm to this game and really, how could you expect any? You can’t bring a team out for warmups hours prior to an already-late start time, shove them back inside an undersized locker room for three hours, bring them back out at midnight, and expect them to be pistols firing for 60 minutes.

2. It was awesome to see Weeden screaming at his offense and slapping dudes in the helmets before running on the field. I know he threw a pair of picks and generally wasn’t sharp but the dude wins games. In fact, that’s all he does.

3. When you’re the #7 team in the country you have to come out in a bizarre game like this and just completely take care of business. I thought Monken set a great tone by slamming it down Tulsa’s throat with the run on the first four plays of the game. Weeden turned it over thereafter but the point was made.

4. Jeremy Bloom was actually a better sideline reporter than I thought he was going to be. He had good information, wasn’t overly dramatic, stayed within himself, and did a pretty good job. One question though, shouldn’t he be training for the ’14 Olympics right now, or is he done with that?

5. The Kinne hit was unfortunate for Tulsa. They wouldn’t have won if he’d played, but it would have been more respectable (I legitimately think I might have a better arm than poor Kalen Henderson). For those who didn’t see it on TV, Daytawion Lowe hit him late and he sprained and/or tore his MCL as a result. It wasn’t like crazy “I can’t believe he didn’t get tossed for that” late, but if the same thing had happened to Weeden I would probably be ramming needles into a Golden Hurricane voodoo doll right now.

6. One of the Fox TV guys (J.C. Pearson) looks like bizarro Tiger Woods.

7. I see no reason not to buy in to Anthony Slater’s proposal that Joseph Randle is one of the ten best backs in the country. It’s hard to imagine a more important, well-rounded back in the Big 12. He has 7 TDs and at least 125 all-purpose yards through his first three games. He’s not Marcus Lattimore or anything but he’s not really supposed to be in this offense.

8. Justin Gilbert, my gosh. I don’t know that I’ve seen anyone talk about this anywhere but the OSU record for kick return TDs for a career is 4 by Perrish Cox. The NCAA record is 7 by CJ Spiller. Both of those have to be considered in reach with 36 games left in his career, don’t they? By the way, for those wondering, I think I reacted to Gilbert’s return like a 7th grade girl who just found out Taylor Lautner was required to go shirtless for the next six Twilight movies.

9. Weeden looked good, not great. If he plays the same way he did tonight this morning against A&M next week, I’m not sure OSU is going to be walking out of there with a W. He doesn’t seem to be as on point for some of his mid-range throws as he was last year. Then again, it was nearly 3 in the morning and he’s probably used to going to bed at like 9:30.

10. I feel like we got cheated badly by Dana Holgorsen not being a participant in this game. Holgorsen lives for 3 am games against non-BCS opponents. Lives for them.

11. (bonus) I cannot believe I’m typing this at 3:27 am.

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