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10 Thoughts: TCU




Oklahoma State took care of business against the worst team in the Big 12 on Wednesday night. The game was mostly unwatchable, but if you did happen to watch it, or parts of it, I have thoughts for you.

1. I will have attendance thoughts tomorrow. I know some of you were expecting me to address the issue so check back in tomorrow morning.

2. The level of bromance Dave Armstrong and Reid Gettys were showering Marcus Smart with tonight was making Matt Millen and Brodrick Brown extremely uncomfortable, if that tells you anything.

They were citing his “leadership on the bench” as Le’Bryan talked to him and they both laughed. His leadership on the bench! Your telecast has officially jumped the shark if you’re talking about somebody’s “leadership on the bench.”

3. Phil Jurick is like Tim Duncan. The “there is no effing way I just committed that foul even though the guy’s face is swelling and there’s blood on the court” look on defense part not the “I have four titles, two MVPs, and I’m one of the 15 best basketball players in the history of the sport” part.

4. Why do we ever wear gray or orange uniforms? The whites and blacks are so spectacular we should dump the others at the Goodwill on Main tomorrow morning and let it ride with white at home and black on the road the rest of the year.

5. A few notes on the coaches tonight: first, why were all of TCU’s coaches wearing matching sweater vests? Does TCU have a Jos. A. Bank sponsorship I missed? Also, I loved Ford’s tie tonight. I have no idea why I’m telling you this.

6. Matt Holliday in the house…

7. How about this quote from Marcus Smart on Le’Bryan: “he is down right now but that is partially my fault because, as a point guard, you need to know when and where to get players the ball.” How are you 18 and know how to handle the media that well?

You realize that’s what he’s doing, right? He doesn’t actually believe he’s doing a bad job with Le’Bryan but he understands that #2 needs some of the heat taken off of him right now so he can get his groove back. Stand up work from Smart.

8. Speaking of Nash, I’ll go ahead and say it…I just don’t think he’s a very good basketball player. Have you ever watched him run? He moves down the court like a constipated ostrich. He can’t go left, won’t post up, makes terrible passes he tries to dress up by looking away at the last second (even though that’s not what throwing a “no look” pass is), and has zero sense of the moment.

If his name wasn’t “Le’Bryan” and he had, say, three stars instead of five wouldn’t we just say “oh, he’s got a great body and should be a good role player here for four years…” Am I wrong? Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

9. The moment of the game for me: Reid Gettys going bordeline crazy: “where are you, students? I don’t get it. You should be hanging from the rafters to watch Marcus Smart!!” while Gangnam Style blared in the background. Uhhh…I think we have our answer.

10. Marcus Smart totally controls these games. OSU won by 18 and played like crap but it felt like 81 with #33 on the court. I know all of y’all don’t totally believe me but this team has a chance to be really special.

Bedlam on Saturday.

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