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12 Thoughts On Texas



1. Care to guess how many “Keiton reads Pistols Firing!” texts and tweets I got after he dropped 27 in the first half three days after I called him out on here for being an overrated shooter? I stand by that statement by the way, but he had an all-timer today.

2. Pretty decent pun from Dave Armstrong after LeBryan’s dunk in the first half: “Nash-VILLE!”

3. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard an announcer say “Brown, what an athletic _____________!” I mean we’re to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear “Brown, what an athletic way to check in the game!” “Brown, what an athletic way to get tossed from the game!” “Brown, what an athletic interview!”

4. Speaking of, how big is Markel making things happen late in games when the shot clock starts unwinding? This team was missing that last year and he’s been providing it the second half of the conference schedule.

5. Brian Williams Eurostep is disgusting. I called it the best in the state during the first half but somebody reminded me that James Harden does in fact still play for the Thunder so I guess second best will have to do.

6. The interior defense by both teams was pretty lousy. I can’t believe how many easy buckets both squads were getting in the second half.

7. At one point in the first half OSU had two guys on the court under 5’8 and neither was playing poing guard…

8. Do you think Cezar has ever thrown a two-handed chest pass? Also has he had more haircuts or assists since conference play started? Can we get Elias on this?

9. Dan Hughes (the color guy) called Le’Bryan “LeBron”, Ford “Forte”, and said when he was studying Cobbins the word that came to his mind was “rebounder!” O RLY?

10. Not to sully a great moment, but Keiton has to stop with the drop step, head fake, kick his legs out and draws a foul move. It’s the worst. My wife doesn’t watch or care about sports and even she said it was embarrassing.

11. I loved Ford taking Keiton out with 35 seconds left so he could get the ovation he deserved, that was outstanding.

12. We’re going to have some fun with this box score tomorrow.

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