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20 More Predictions



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If you missed it yesterday, I took a look at how my first 20 predictions for the 2011 football season were coming. Here are the next 20.

21. OSU will put at least 7 players on the All-Big 12 team – This is looking strong.

22. Markelle Martin will not lead the team in INT – James Thomas and Brodrick Brown both have four, Justin Gilbert has three, Markelle has zero. Am I omitting the fact that I said Johnny Thomas would have the most INT of anyone this season? Maybe.

23. More than five OL will start a game this year – According to Gina Mizell, in OSU’s first six games, the Cowboys had five different starting lineups on the offensive line and never had the same starting group two games in a row.

24. OSU will have more than 15 scoring drives that last less than a minute – 17 so far.

25. This team will have a top 40 scoring defense – It’s 75th right now, five points behind the 40th ranked team (South Florida). That’s a lot of ground to make up in four games.

26. Ten WRs will catch at least one pass in a game four different times – This is my favorite stat, I have no idea why. It happened in the first five games, but hasn’t happened since.

27. This team will break the all-time record of points in a game at 70 – Where was that 2-point conversion against KU?!?!

28. OSU games will be north of the over/under line at least eight times – It’s happened four times with two (!!) pushes. 

29. Josh Cooper will pass Dez Bryant on the all-time receptions list this year – He needs 17 more to do it.

30. Weeden sets the career TDs thrown record this year – Three more.

31. OSU will not fall out of the top 10 all year – This actually feels pretty safe. Even if they lose to OU to end the year, what do they fall to? Like, #8 or #9, right?

32. Justin Gilbert leads the country in kick return TDs – He’s tied with five others right now. He’s got another Bedlam one in him though, I know he does.

33. Quinn Sharp will kick at least one game-winner as time expires – December 3rd would be a nice date for this, though I’m glad they haven’t needed it thus far.  My heart in the seconds leading up to a game-winning kick would register data on seismographs similar to what we’ve seen from the Oklahoma earthquakes the last two weeks.

34. Brandon Weeden will become OSU’s all-time leading passer – He trails Zac by 573.

35. Jeremy Smith will lead the conference in rushing TDs – I meant Joseph Randle, promise.

36. Josh Stewart will be OSU’s 3rd leading receiver in yards – He’s 6th but I’m a little puzzled as to why they haven’t used him more…

37. Justin Blackmon will break his game high of 207 receiving yards from last year – He came within 5 yards against Kansas State of doing just that. And since he won’t be dragging his leg around the field for Bedlam, maybe that’s the stage. He also owns Texas Tech.

38. OSU will have another double digit turnover margin season – Best prediction I had. It’s at 17 right now, one of only eight teams in double figures.

39. This team will not lose at home – 🙂

40. This team will be playing on January 9th for the national title –  …………………………….

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