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20 Predictions



Before the season started I made 40 predictions. A lot of you might not have been readers at that point so I thought it would be fun to re-visit and check in on where I was woefully wrong (see #2) and spot-on (see #4). I feel like you have to have John Nash tendencies to keep up with the staggering numbers this team is putting up this year. Thankfully it’s 2011 and we have Google.

Here are the first 20:

1. Brandon Weeden will throw more TDs than he did last year (34) – On pace for 38.

2. Josh Cooper will finish the season with more catches than Justin Blackmon – Blackmon is up 87-41. Good call by me.

3. The first play of the season will be a flea-flickerIt wasn’t

4. At least 25 players on defense will have double digit tackles – 20 so far and five others have six or more.

5. Quinn Sharp will break the Big 12 punt average record of 47.6 yards by Colorado’s Mark Mariscal – If he could qualify, he would. He’s currently averaging 47.8.

6. Joseph Randle will become the first player in school history to have a 1,000-500 season – He’s at 915-186. I think the 1,000 will get taken care of, the 500 is going to be rough though. I could see him ending at like 1,300 and 375.

7. Mike Gundy will have the second most wins in school history at this time next year – He trails current second place wins holder Jim Lookabaugh by 2. So yeah, I went there.

8. The Cowboys put up 50 in each of their first three games –  They’ve done it five times, unfortunately the second game against Arizona wasn’t one of those.

9. OSU will go undefeated against the spread as an underdog – So far so good. Sorry, Aggies.

10. Justin Gilbert will break Perrish Cox’s single season record of 895 kick return yards – Remember before the season started when Joe DeForest said he wasn’t going to do as much kick returning? Yeah, that was dumb. He’s got 565 yards right now so that’s what, two hundred-yarders and a few other decent returns? Got it.

11. OSU will finish higher in both the AP and Coaches polls than they start – Mmmmm.

12. Brandon Weeden will break the completion percentage record he set last year of 66.9% – 72.1% right now. Hell, Clint Chelf is at 69.2%

13. Four guys will top 50 catches this year – Blackmon has 87, Cooper has 41, Moore has 35, and the next closest is Harrison with 18.

14. This year’s team will go for it on fourth down at least 20 times – 5-10 so far…that’s what happens when you score on every possession.

15. Jeremy Smith will lead the team in total TDs – He has seven, which puts him third, Blackmon has 12, and Randle has 20 (!)

16. Herschel Sims will rush for more yards this year than Joseph Randle did last year (463) – Yeahhh, save the 80-yarder against Baylor and he’s only got 46 yards on the year…

17. We won’t see the gray jerseys more than once this year – Crossing fingers.

18. Brandon Weeden will be in New York City on December 10 – See above.

19. Shaun Lewis will lead the team in tackles (but he won’t break 100) – Well, he won’t break 100, but I don’t think he’ll lead the team either. He’s in fifth place with 48, Daytawion Lowe has 70.

20. Mike Gundy will go back-to-back Big 12 coach of the year – If A&M beats K-State this Saturday and OSU wins out… 

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