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23 Things I’m Thankful For (Part II)



Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

Yesterday we went through Part I of the 23 things me and this little blog are thankful for this year, here’s Part II.

14. This.

15. Gundy’s emergence as the most entertaining, quotable D-1 coach outside of Baton Rouge. I guess you can throw Chip Kelly and Lane Kiffin in the mix too, but until I see either of them doing this then I reserve the right to have Gundy at #2.

16. That Le’Bryan Nash and Cezar Guerrero are going to make this basketball season a lot more fun than last year’s.

17. That Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden did this in January.

18. For Twitter. Seriously, if you’re not on Twitter yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

19. That it’s late November and we’re (legitimately) still talking national title. I say “legitimately” because Quade and I have always had conversations in past years that went something like “so if Florida loses to Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Mississippi State and Oregon gets killed by Washington State and Ohio State loses out and Texas falls to Baylor and Kansas consecutively and we beat OU by like 55 I think the voters might bump us enough to overcome those three losses we had earlier in the year.” Nothing like that this year, just Auburn over Bama, LSU over Arkansas, and beat OU and you’re probably good.

20. That OSU’s defense is so wacky. It’s given me fodder for a slew of posts.

21. For our family. The outpouring of support from within as well as from other universities and fan bases has been overwhelming and I know is appreciated by everyone involved in the (most recent) plane crash.

22. That we aren’t going to the Pac-12. I flip-flopped on this like a Skip Bayless Heisman ballot but ultimately I’m glad OSU is going to play the Kansas State’s and Iowa State’s and TCU’s of the world, even though that Nike store in Oregon would have been pretty sweet.

23. For Bedlam. It’s always incredible, this much even more so with everything on the line, including one last home outing for Weeden and Blackmon.

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