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26 Things I’m Thankful For



One for every Walnut Elf TD pass this season.

1. Marcus Smart.

2. Marcus Smart’s parents.

3. Whoever introduced Marcus Smart’s parents[1. You get the idea.].

4. OSU being Nike and not Adidas (I hope I always get to say this).

5. Us starting three quarterbacks in the last month who each would have been the best QB at Kansas in the last five years.

6. Not having to root for Kenny Stills.

7. Twitter – I think it still gets a bad rap but I’ve made friends, gotten side jobs, and helped this blog grow because of it. If you just joined we have a great list of people to follow here.

8. Kelly Hines, Jimmie Tramel, Gina Mizell, John Helsley, and Anthony Slater. All write about OSU for major state newspapers, and all are professionals at their jobs.

9. Flea-flickers

10. OSU’s colorful history of football coaches: from Pat Jones to Les Miles to Mike Gundy to Crazy Dana to Todd Monken, I dare you to find me five crazier individuals in any sport at any school in the country over the last 25 years.

11. The gray helmets we debuted in Lawrence (and where did they go?)

12. The Choo! Choo! movement, which has (I can’t believe I’m saying this) brought some stability to the QB-go-round. I’m not saying the coaches care about the shirts or the posts but they care about who rallies around QB1 and that’s clearly #10 right now. And the subculture that goes along with #10 is definitely a contributing factor.

13. Markel Brown’s illustrious collection of Jordans.

14. Having an AD who never signs bad contract or loses our school $33M on shady insur….oh wait.

15. A&M for beating Bama in Tuscaloosa and silencing the “the air raid and spread and anything else that involves someone stepping into the end zone on a regular basis is a gimmick! SEC 4EVER!” arguments.

16. My wife for giving me Saturdays (and Sundays and weeknights) to try and think of competent things to put on the blog. Grace has been a common theme in our house in 2012 and she definitely gives more than she receives.

17. That we live in an era where we can literally read anything that’s ever been written. The most underrated aspect of this time period.

18. Coffee.

19. College basketball, OSU aside. The last three weeks of Rotnei Clarke’s dagger, Chaminade over Texas, Duke-Kentucky, and Georgetown-Indiana have been just awesome.

20. The Big 12 title race still being alive (thanks Baylor!)

21. Having another short white guy who can light it up from three point land. Other schools will continue hating us.

22. Having a front four on defense that doesn’t make want to light my laptop on fire.

23. How involved OSU is in professional sports. Weeden, Fowler, John Lucas, Scott Baker, Johny Hendricks, Zac, BVP, Blackmon…it’s pretty ridiculous. We don’t appreciate it but we would if we went to, say, Washington State.

24. Josh Holliday, program changer. Promise.

25. There being six schools ranked in hoops and football: Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, UCLA Louisville, and Oklahoma State.

26. My readers — I appreciate you holding me accountable to what I say, making me think, and providing at least a modicum of intelligence to the oft-maligned sports blogging works.

Without you this blog is literally nothing.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

Back at it tomorrow.

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