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40 Predictions for 2011 Part III



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21. OSU will put at least 7 players on the All-Big 12 team – Weeden, Adcock, Blackmon, Martin, Smith, Sharp, and Gilbert. And Nicholas, Richetti, Garner, Cooper, and Rush all have an outside shot.

22. Markelle Martin will not lead the team in INT – Because Johnny Thomas will. That’s the curse of being the best defensive back on a great team – you don’t get thrown at. Case in point: Nnamdi Asomough and Revis Island had a combine 0 picks last year (and yes I know they both play CB, just let me make my point!!).

(Now seems like as good a time as any to remind you that we will absolutely be revisiting all four of these posts in December to see just how big of an idiot I really am.)

23. More than five OL will start a game this year – I tweeted this the other day, I really think the most unbelievable stat in a year of unbelievable stats last year was the fact that Grant Garner, Nick Martinez, Levy Adcock, Jonathan Rush, and Lane Taylor started all thirteen games last year. No way that happens again.

24. OSU will have more than 15 scoring drives that last less than a minute – This team scores faster than Bradley Cooper at an Oscars after party.

25. This team will have a top 40 scoring defense – But maybe not a top 85 total defense. The curse of an oily offensive machine is that your defense is usually gassed by the end of the 1st quarter. These guys will figure out how to limit teams to FGs instead of TDs though.

26. Ten WRs will catch at least one pass in a game four different times – Weeden will spread the wealth around, especially in non-conference games and this squad goes a legitimate nine deep before reaching “ehhh I’m not entirely that guy would be the best intramural WR on campus” status.

27. This team will break the all-time record of points in a game at 70 – It got close a couple of different times last year but was never attained. I think they get it at home against Kansas or Kansas State, and if Holgorsen was still here I would literally wager all the stock I own that it would happen multiple times. I hope Monken is as ambivalent towards sportsmenship as Holgorsen was.

28. OSU games will be north of the over/under line at least eight times – Take it to the bank. The fake bank that is, just in case I’m wrong.

29. Josh Cooper will pass Dez Bryant on the all-time receptions list this year – Granted Dez lost a year to Deion and didn’t come back for his senior year coronation, but still. While we’re here, the fact that we didn’t have a chance to give Dez the proper send off bothers me as a fan. We didn’t even get to do the “hey, you have one year left but we all know you’re leaving after this year so we’re going to honor you as a ‘senior’ on senior night” awkward fake honorary senior night thing.

30. Weeden sets the career TDs thrown record this year – He needs 29. He’ll have it before Thanksgiving.

This post is part of a series on my 40 predictions for this year’s team.

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