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5 Halftime Thoughts On A&M



1. Nice to see Markel in the Jordan XIIs.

2. Le’Bryan is playing like a man today. He still makes some dumb mistakes, but I’ll take those as long as he’s playing hard. I don’t know if Mizzou was a turning point for him or what but he looked a lot more fluid in the first ten minutes of this game than he has all year.

3. It’s scary how many minutes Soucek is about to start getting for this team with Jurick out. Not that I think he’s terrible, on the contrary, I think he’s going to be terrific by the end of his career, but as a top six rotation guy in the Big 12 right now? Yikes.

4. OSU might have more turnovers at the top of the key than every other team combined.

5. Honestly, my boy Mason Cox might get in this game. Five fouls combined for Soucek and Cobbins. What are we going to do if they foul out? Sager at center…?

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