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5 Halftime Thoughts On Baylor



1. When ABC had the camera pointed on the corral with smoke pouring out and the crowd bumping “Ready For War” and the announcers talking about how 5 more wins means New Orleans, the only thing I could think was, “how much fun is this?!”

2. Baylor fans are all shaking their heads saying things like, “I thought this defense was supposed to worse than ours!!”

3. Is Bob Simmons calling Baylor’s plays today? You have one of the most athletic, diverse, talented QBs in the country and you’re trying to jam it up the middle on third and fourth down? How about a bootleg or a roll out?

4. Quade texted me from the stadium and said the team looks possessed. I think is one of the first times I can remember when OSU had a swagger about it. These guys looked like they wanted to come out and show the country, “hey, we know Bama and LSU are off, so how about you watch the best team in the country playing this weekend.”

5. Records in jeopardy:

Blackmon personal receiving yards record: 207 – he has 111
Blackmon personal catches record – 13 – he has 9
Joseph Randle personal rushing TDs record – 3 – he has 3
Joseph Randle personal rushing yards record – 138 – he has 111
Oklahoma state single-game catches record – 16 – Blackmon has 9

6. (Bonus) Where is Josh Cooper?

7. (Bonus) Through 10 quarters against OSU in his career, Robert Griffin has….0 touchdowns.

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