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5 Halftime Thoughts On Tech



1. What am I supposed to say? Weeden got the all-time passing TD record, Randle slid into second for single season total TD, OSU nearly reached its per game average of 51 points in the first thirty minutes against a team that beat OU in Norman. Does that sum it up?

2. Weeden is great, yes, I’ve been saying that all year. But Joseph Randle is wildly underrated. As Bill Haisten pointed out, he has 14 TDs in his last 14 quarters of play. And he does everything. Those swing catches he makes coming out of the backfield spread the field as much as Blackmon or Tracy Moore going vertical. They aren’t 9-0 without Weeden, but they don’t have the swagger of a top two team without Randle.

3. We’re all aware that OSU is 10 quarters from playing for the national championship, right? And two of those barely count.

4. What gets lost in all of this is that Tech is a top 15 offense and they currently only have 150 yards and haven’t had a play go longer than 12 yards (h/t Bruce Feldman on that last stat).

5. The stage is yours, Andrew. The stage is yours.

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