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5 Key Plays – Texas



Here were five plays I loved from the Texas game.

This team seriously has to lead the nation in one-handed/tipped interceptions.

This is why Mack Brown said, “He made some great throws, and those are not college throws, those are pro throws. We’d have guys covered and he would just hit them.”

Here’s a ridiculous reaching back going the wrong way catch by Josh Cooper that you can’t really see because the WatchESPN quality is so poor. Sorry guys!

More Weeden greatness.

Two more after the jump

I loved the Matt Millen line, “Moses is here to part the Red Sea.”

This was to begin the 4th quarter with the game very much in the balance. The defense needed to get a stop and Blackmon wanted to help get it for them. You have to love seeing this from your best player.

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