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5 Thoughts On Iowa State at Halftime



1. ESPN did a really great job on the intro to the game. Equal parts respectful, poignant, and prepared. Well done. Also, Iowa State has been extremely classy throughout. I was on a radio show earlier today in Ames and those guys were so sympathetic, just like their crowd has been. Really makes me like them as a school.

2. Whatever the equivalent of posterizing someone is in football, that’s what Justin Blackmon does on most TD catches. Did we really make an upgrade in going from Dez to #81? Am I typing real words?

3. Weeden looks really uncomfortable in the pocket. It’s not his fault, Iowa State is getting a ton of pressure on him and he’s doing a good job of alleviating it by dumping it off to Randle and Jeremy Smith.

4. Speaking of Randle, are we going to see him again? He hasn’t played since the fumble at 7:48 in the first quarter.

5. Oklahoma State’s defense in the last 94 minute of football – 7. Oklahoma State’s opponents’ offenses in the last 94 minutes of football – 7.

6. (bonus) I know it’s fun to get back to football and everything, but that doesn’t change this day and shouldn’t make us forget the victims’ families. #RememberThe14

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