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5 Thoughts On OSU Missouri At The Half



1. I love Gus. If you brought someone from a foreign country in who had never watched football before he would think OSU was the best team in this history of the sport from the way Gus is talking about them.

2. Weeden doesn’t have back-to-back mediocre games. He is ON today. As on as I’ve ever seen him. He’s currently on pace for 540 yards and 6 TDs. Is that good?

3. OSU still runs the ball, right? 36 passes, 10 runs. I’m not complaining, it just seems like defenses go heavy one way or the other every week.

4. Cooper makes some crazy “how did he get two hands on that and reel it in” catches. While we’re here, I didn’t want to mention the drops because it’s not like anybody is doing it on purpose, but my gosh. Weeden has like 5 legitimate incompletions in 36 attempts. You have to be better than that in big games on the road like this one. I want to see grainy footage of Weeden and Monken screaming in people’s faces in the Missouri locker room released on Monday morning.

5. Maybe I’m late on this but I like the term “fast-break football”…now if we could get TFord to figure out some fast-break basketball we’d be all good!

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