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A Big 12 quarterback draft for the ages Part II

Dana, Bobby Reid, and Donovan Woods were all people drafted in the last two rounds of our QB draft.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Click here for Part 1 and an explanation of the rules. Remember you get QBs at the age they are today so if you draft Bill Snyder to play QB you get 138-year-old Bill Snyder trying to toll out of the pocket.

We pick it up with my first pick of the second round…

Round 2

Kyle: I really want to take Gundy right here but I don’t know if 46-year-old ball coach can still go. He’s probably as potent as what OSU is rolling out there right now but that doesn’t exactly say what I want it to say.

I’ll roll with Kingsbury’s successor’s successor (side note: BJ Symons, who I loathed, threw 719 passes in 2003. Half of them were against OSU in Stillwater).

That’s right, I’ll take 32-year-old-still-playing-pro-football-as-recently-as-five-years-ago Sonny Cumbie.

He won’t start for me but I trust him as my backup more than I trust any current Big 12 QB. He once dropped 70 on TCU in 37 minutes…

That’s more points than Jake Waters, Trevone Boykin, and Sam Richardson have ever seen next to their team’s names on the scoreboard ever. Combined, probably.


I didn’t think anybody would remember Cumbie. I was counting on him. Screw you, Pistols Boy!

Carson: I think we’ve reached our quota of former Tech QBs.

Who’s Mel Kiper’s top 5 available? Case McCoy? Davis Webb? …I’ll pass. You guys are going to hate me for this pick, but it’s legal.

Collin Klein.

(Yes, even with that throwing motion!)

Klein is apparently working part-time for the K-State athletic department…and signing autographs at the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Salina, Kansas.

You know who I’m getting: 2012 Heisman finalist, who looks like a modern day version of Tommie Frazier compared to the other QBs still on the board.

I’d go to war with Kliff & Klein.

N: “Working at the athletic department part time” does not make him a current Big 12 coach/Assistant coach. He isn’t technically on the football staff.

C: I’m sure Snyder lets Collin swing by the office more than what is probably allowed? Sigh.

I’ll go with Blake Bell.

The OU coaching staff should use him like Klein (less like Landry) & run the same offense K-State did. Just line him up in the Belldozer as the base formation (like Klein did most of the time) and get 4 yards & a cloud of dust. Mix in some timely play-action & you’re in business.

If we copy the Klein offense we can go places. And we will.

N: I actually agree with you by the way, Carson (gasp!). I think OU keeps acting like Bell has a Landry/Bradford arm, and he just doesn’t. The Klein-style attack would work MUCH better.

K: This is the best draft we’ve ever done.

Who is trades multiple group emails about Collin Klein, Blake Bell, Sonny Cumbie, and Wes Lunt?!

N: I guess I have to go with Davis Webb.

I know he isn’t too flashy, but he is fearless. Plus he has two last names. He (along with a little help from his friend, Baker) got Tech off to a 7-0 start and he was one drive away from knocking off OU in Norman. In his last three games (two of them road games), he’s combined for 1,262 yards, 7 TDs, and 3 picks, and he’s only getting better under Kliff.

C: I’m pretty bummed Klein & Kliff can’t hang out at my football offices. Although, Collin’s marriage would be in great jeopardy if he went to Murphy’s with Kliff.

Even more trouble than Kyle & Matt’s marriage for this e-mail exchange.

Amilian: I already my starter in Petty, so I’m going to go with a little athleticism with my backup. Donovan Woods played just about every position while at OSU, so he knows the game well.

With NFL experience and young enough to still move well, Donovan will back up Bryce well. Does he still hold the OSU record for most TD passes in a season with 13?  Get OKCDave on that.

Round 3

A: If Dana is eligible for a draft, I’m taking him. I don’t care if he goes 0-20 with 5 picks because his reaction to each and every INT will be (I don’t use this word lightly) epic.

And forget about what he is or isn’t capable of on the field at his age.  I get THIS and THIS on the sideline. And I’ll go ahead and be the first coach in history to let his 3rd string QB call the plays.

Holgy drawing up madness for Petty. Yes.

C: Bold strategy. Dana actually played wide receiver at Iowa Wesleyan (do they have casinos there?)….is Nolan trying to find a wife right now?

A: Who would you rather have as OSU’s current third-string QB: Dana or Daxx?

K: I’m going to need lsufreek to GIF Dana running the speed option helmet-less against Texas.

N: Trying to find a wife? LOL! Two weeks ago I road tripped to Oxford, MS with nowhere to sleep. I don’t think I’m getting married any time soon.

I know you can buy liquor at the grocery store in Iowa, and I’m sure there’s a coupe Indian casinos there, so Dana probably fit right in.

I like Matt’s strategy. After Google yielded no evidence of Matt Holliday ever enrolling in a single class at OSU, the final spot is tough to pick.

I also can’t figure out what Al Pena is doing these days, so instead of picking between Alex Cate and Seth Newton, I’m going to go a different direction.

I have a choice between a fan favorite, gamer, who is the OC at the most powerful college athletic program in the country, and a former national champion and current OC at another perennial powerhouse. Since I barely remember watching either of them play, I’m going to go with the guy who didn’t go to OU. I’m taking Major Applewhite.

K: I’m crushed. I had 39 Chris Simms GIFs queued up for my turn. I mean I am CRUSHED.

N: I’ll trade you Major for Sonny, Kyle. 🙂

Also, were GIFs even a thing yet when Chris Simms played?

C: Wow, I hadn’t even thought of Major. Great pick. I still can’t believe Mack played Chris Simms over him. (Major was 1999 All-Big 12 1st team, Co-Offensive Player of the Year!)

Anyway, with apologies to Case McCoy, I’m going with another former OSU quarterback. Who, as a sophomore, threw for 2,226 yards 24 TDs and rushed for 500 yards and 5 TD’s.

The man who inspired The Rant: Bobby Reid. He’s currently on the OSU coaching staff. Reid put up those numbers in the old Gundora offense, which was chalk full of bubble screens. Imagine if he was in this year’s offen….never mind.

He was a pretty good QB and lost his job partly because of injury (KOd out of the second game of the year in 2007, never got the job back) Doesn’t that sound like Wes Lunt, by the way? Zac Robinson took over & got to reap the benefits of unstoppable Dez.

Doesn’t Bobby look a lot better after what we’ve seen this year?

K: [don’t take Ron Powlus even though he’s on Kansas’ staff]

[Ron Powlus was a quarterback in the mid-90s and his coaching photo makes him look like he’s about 240 lbs.]

[I don’t care what Beano Cook said about him!]

Screw it, I’ll take Daniel Sams and stick a white courtesy phone next to Tom Osborne in case my first two guys go down. I’ll bring in the reliever and have him run the ’95 Nebraska offense with Sams who, by the way, kind of impressed me in the Kansas State-OSU game earlier this year.

I like my chances with a Fields-Cumbie-Sams lineup. I can run any offense effectively which is infinity more than like seven Big 12 teams can say so far this year. I’m not too old, I have a runner, and I have the only OSU guy in the modern era to win Bedlam twice as the starting QB.Ladies and gentlemen, 2013 Big 12 football!!

N: I actually thought long and hard about taking Bobby. He still looks like he’s in good shape, and he’s still built like an NFL QB. I’m fine with the pick since he’s employed full time by the football team, even though he’s technically not on the coaching staff.

C: Nolan really went through these resume’s with fine-toothed comb. I think Gundy would have been a first round pick had OSU not released that Instagram video of him throwing a football.

N: I thought it was common knowledge that B. Reid was just on the administrative staff. Klein on the other hand? I couldn’t just let you nab last year’s Heisman Trophy runner up that easily.

Final teams

Amilian: Petty-Donovan-Holgorsen

Nolan: Lunt-Webb-Major

Carson: Kliff-Bell-Bobby

Kyle: Fields-Cumbie-Sams

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