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A Day In The Life



Great video here, wish schools would do more stuff like this.

A few of my favorite parts…

0:45 – Chelf’s “hmmm, who am I hooking up with tonight” face.

1:18 – Gundy looks like he’s been up for like five hours. He’s not even fazed by the fact that it’s barely 7 AM.

1:31 – If those are ever Adidas I’m going to have to find a new team to blog about.

1:45 – Lunt looking like he’s been up for five hours also, tossing balls into a net the size of a breaker box. Baller.

2:03 – I love Chelf, he might be my favorite player (besides Gilbert of course).

2:09 – I can promise you (and @nolancox can back me up) those Gatorade milkshakes are the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted.

2:15 – I’m pretty sure that’s Gilbert and I’m pretty sure that’s hilarious.

2:49 – I wonder how much money is spent on food for college football players every year…

3:23 – Yes.

3:38 – Is that Charlie Moore? Brah, the Sigma Nu initiation is that way —->

4:05 – Prediction: Quinn Sharp’s hair will have its own meme by the end of the season.

All in all, great video from the athletic department.

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