A Look at the Most Recent 10-Win Seasons by Team in the Big 12

Written by Kyle Porter

At the request of reader Matt Holland (we take requests!), I compiled the last time every Big 12 team has won 10 games, won 12 games, won a conference title and had a 0-win season. I sorted them by most recent 10-win season.

Here’s a look.

Team Conf. Title 12 Wins 10 Wins Losing Sea. 0 Wins
Oklahoma 2017 2017 2017 1998
TCU 2014 2014 2017 2016 1976
OSU 2011 2011 2016 2005 1991
WVU 2016 2013 1960
Baylor 2014 2015 2017 1969
KSU 2012 2012 2015 1988
Texas 2009 2009 2009 2016
Texas Tech 2008 2016
Kansas 2007 2007 2017 2015
Iowa State 2016 1994

Some thoughts. Also a note: I only counted Big 12 titles. I didn’t go back and sort through the SWC or Big 8 or Sky West or whatever other conferences existed in the 30s and 40s.

• Iowa State is the only team that has never won 10 games in a year. I honestly feel bad for Iowa State fans that they’ve never gotten to experience the thrill of a 10-win year. Not that bad because, you know, 2011, but still kind of bad.

• Every team in the conference has had a losing season since 2013 except for Oklahoma (1998) and Oklahoma State (2005). Bring me more of your Gundy hate.

• Having a 12-win season is nearly impossible. Oklahoma State has 1, Kansas has 1, Texas has 3, TCU has 4 and Oklahoma has … 7. It also surprised me that Baylor never won 12 games under Art Briles. It felt like they were churning out 12-W years.

• Iowa State, Kansas and Oklahoma State have the most recent 0-win seasons. Yikes.

• Apropos of nothing really, here’s a look at what the BCS era would have looked like if there was a playoff. A lot of Big 12 schools you see above would have been involved.


  • stepdaddy

    How can this be true “Having a 12-win season is nearly impossible” and this “Kansas has 1” also be true?

    • Saucy Takes

      By all means if you want to be like Kansas be a jayhawk

      • Bernice

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    • Mullet Power

      The fighting Manginos were good that season
      They hung 76 (!!) points on Nebraska.
      Only loss was to #4 mizzou. Beat #3 Va Tech in Orange Bowl

      and then the wheels quickly fell off that bus

    • Scott

      Turner Gill and Charlie Weiss were just that good.

  • James Engel

    So according to the tweet about playoffs in the BCS Era we would have been the 2 seed…

    • Scott

      They didn’t need to bump Alabama up to get into the playoff so left them where they should have been.

      • Alum in AZ

        Don’t make me think about this. :/

  • Matthew G. Holland

    Thank you for fulfilling my request! Great info to see where we stand as a program.