Evaluating the schedules of OSU’s opponents

Written by OKC Dave
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I was curious to see where we happened to be catching all of our opponents this year.

A few games stand out. In the positive category:

  • West Virginia is on the road the week before we go to Morgantown. This game scares me, so this advantage (however tiny) makes me feel good. OSU is off the week prior to this road trip.
  • In the same vein, Iowa State and Texas Tech are both on the road in the two weeks leading up to our games.
  • Texas has a long road trip to Morgantown in the week before we head to Austin.
  • OU travels to Manhattan the week before they come to Stillwater.

In the negative category:

  • K-State has a week off prior to their road trip to Stillwater (so does TCU, in a way).
  • We will be Baylor’s third home game in a row when we visit them on Nov 23.

Here’s a look at the schedules for each of OSU’s 12 opponents:

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 7.08.07 AM

  • David Hudson

    Just a heads up…you can click on the image to make it larger.

  • Double_Check

    Actually, OU has a bye the week before Bedlam.

    • David Hudson


      • BbinKC

        Don’t we play Baylor at home?

        • Zack

          You are correct, we play Baylor at home.

  • Troy

    I did not realize we only have 5 home games this year.

    • Troy

      I just checked we play Baylor at home and that makes the 6th game.

      • Steven

        Also, Baylor’s game vs Tech is in Arlington (Cowboy Stadium) – Baylor is just listed as the home team this year.

  • Mcg20k

    “We will be Baylor’s third home game in a row when we visit them on Nov 23.”

    I might be wrong but I thought we played Baylor at home?

  • David Hudson

    All right, clearly I worked on this a little too late in the evening last night. I’ll work on a correction for this piece.

  • kevin

    KSU scares me a tiny bit more. ISU may be better prepared for our game speed after seeing Tech and Baylor the two weeks before.

  • kevin

    I think Baylor has a better chance than Texas at winning the Big 12… just saying.