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A roundtable to kick off the 2014 season

The rest of the PFB team joins me to discuss OSU, the Big 12, and what should be a fantastic season.




You guys have likely had enough of me in the last week so I wanted to get some of our contributors involved in some preseason predictions. You can read about them here but a few quick (re) introductions.

Kyle Porter (editor) – I love jump balls, Markel Brown breakways, and Kevin Durant 30-footers. Thank you for reading Pistols Firing.

Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 7.50.08 AM
Matt Amilian (contributor)
– Desmond lover, softball aficionado, tailgating pro. He’s the instigator of most of our former player interviews.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.27.16 PM
OKC Dave (statistician)
– Unofficial statistician of Pistols Firing. His GPA was likely as high as the rest of ours combined.

Kyle Boone (covers recruiting)
– Will keep you informed on football and basketball recruiting. Could likely out-recruit Travis Ford.

Carson Cunningham (KOCO 5 Sportscaster)
– Carson does uniform drive-bys and actually has a real job covering sports for a real news station in OKC.

Okay, let’s do this.

1. Who is the most important person to OSU’s success in 2014?

Carson: Walsh. I was tempted to say Yurcich, but it’s not really that close.

Amilian: Yurcich. There’s no backup OC. If he fails, look out.

Dave: He who finishes first in every team competition, J.W. Walsh

Boone: Senior leader and workhorse, Desmond Roland.

Porter: I think it’s probably Walsh. For some reason I trust Spencer and the D. Walsh needs to be very good for this team to go 8-4 or 9-3.

2. Who has the most to prove this season between Gundy, Yurcich, and Spencer?

Carson: Yurcich. The other two have proven themselves, mightily.

Amilian: Yurcich. No reason to think outside the box here.

Dave: Yurcich, who is saving 80 percent of every paycheck in fear that he’ll go back to doing the team’s laundry after practice on the D-II level.

Boone: Yurcich. Need to avoid a West Virginia like hiccup game again.

Porter: I actually think it’s Spencer. Yurcich was better than people think at the end of last season and Spencer inherited a bunch of NFL or borderline NFL dudes.


3. Who finishes the season at QB for OSU?

Carson: JW Patton (copyright Pistols Boy)
Amilian: Walsh. Darkhorse: Tyreek in the Wildcat.
Dave: JW
Boone: Rudolph
Porter: Dub Patton

4. One word to describe how you’re feeling about the 2014 college football season.

Carson: Perplexed
Amilian: Freeked
Dave: Circumspect
Boone: Angst
Porter: Optimistic

5. If OSU beats Florida State then _____________.


Amilian: My future son will finally have a middle name: Axle Tyreek Amilian. That and let’s celebrate not playing Iowa State on a Friday night in Ames this year.

Dave: Work will commence on the new Tyreek Hill statue outside of BPS.

Boone: I expect a Richard Sherman-like rant from Kevin Peterson.

Porter: Boone’s gonna make it rain on the metroplex. The whole thing.

6. Favorite Big 12 uni combination (including OSU)?

Carson: OSU-black-white-orange

Amilian: White (with striple and OSU logo)-White-Black. Would love to see White (w/ stripe)-Black-Orange

Dave: OSU black-black-orange

Boone: OSU- phantom pete black-black-black

Porter: I have the carbon fiber-white-orange combo at No. 1 in my rankings but my favorite Big 12 uni might be the at Iowa State OSU ones. They’re insanely good.[1. RIP Texas all whites.]


7. Which team wins the Big 12 title?

Carson: Oklahoma
Amilian: Baylor
Dave: OU
Boone: Baylor
Porter: Kansas State

8. What will OSU’s record and bowl game be?

Carson: 8-4, Buffalo Wild Wings
Amilian: 8-4, Cactus Bowl
Dave: 8-4, some bowl game in Texas
Boone: 9-3, Alamo Bowl
Porter: 8-4, Mizell Bowl in Arizona

9. Which four teams make the playoff?

Carson: Florida State, Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma
Amilian: Florida State, Bama, Oregon, Wisconsin
Dave: Florida State, Bama, Oregon, Oklahoma
Boone: Florida State, Bama, UCLA, Baylor
Porter: Oregon, Tide, FSU, Kansas State

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