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A Week 13 college football gambling guide

The Baylor game will be as ugly as our picks so far this season.



Daxx Garman hands off. (USATSI)

Daxx Garman hands off. (USATSI)

I apologize for slacking off last week with the Gambling Guide. Looking back to our picks from two weeks ago, they weren’t pretty.

Carson is on a hot streak and we have to give a shout out to Southwell for being the only other picker with winning record in Week 11.

Contributor Last week Season
Carson Cunningham 4-1 23-16
Aaron Schnautz 2-3 20-19
Kyle Porter 1-4 19-20
Guest (Nolo) 1-4 19-20
OKC Dave 1-4 17-22
Matt Amilian 1-4 16-23
Justin Southwell 3-2 14-25

OSU +28 at Baylor

My initial reaction is that I wouldn’t touch OSU getting any less than 30 points, but even at +35, why would one throw down money on the Cowboys? Take a look a the F/+ pick for this game:

Yikes. I don’t care who OSU puts behind center. Speaking of that, if Daxx can’t play, it’s asinine to think that OSU can throw out a true freshman who hasn’t taken one snap in college football on the road against a top 10 team and expect anything more than what this offense is shown so far.

There’s nothing wrong with getting your hopes up, but make sure you’re ready for a struggle.

Earlier this week I heard Traber say on the radio that this might be the “biggest revenge game in college football history”. That’s probably not true and I think Baylor is more focused on making the playoffs than getting revenge. But let’s be honest. The motive is irrelevant.

Baylor +28

Big 12 lines

Kansas State (+2) at West Virginia

Since it’s Friday right now…

Pick: K-State +2

Kansas (+25) at OU

I have the most difficult time picking OU. My gut tells me OU will cover but it’s an 11:00 a.m. game with possibly bad weather.

Pick: Jayhawks +25

Texas Tech (+1.5) at Iowa State

Long trip back to Lubbock.

Pick: Iowa State -1.5


OSU (+28) at Baylor

Southwell: Baylor
Cunningham: Baylor
Schnautz: Baylor
OKC Dave: Baylor
Pistolsguy: Baylor
Sheets: Baylor
Amilian: Baylor

From Carson:

Ole Miss (-3.5) at Arkansas

Southwell: Ole Miss
Cunningham: Arkansas
Schnautz: Ole Miss
OKC Dave: Arkansas
Pistolsguy: Arkansas
Sheets: Arkansas
Amilian: Arkansas

USC (+3.5) at UCLA

Southwell: USC
Cunningham: UCLA
Schnautz: USC
Pistolsguy: UCLA
Sheets: USC
Amilian: USC

“Jim Mora owns the Battle of Los Angeles. (File this under “Things 2004-Me Would Never Believe”)” – Carson

Arizona (+4) at Utah

Southwell: Arizona
Cunningham: Arizona
Schnautz: Utah
OKC Dave: Arizona
Pistolsguy: Utah
Sheets: Arizona
Amilian: Utah

“Why are we picking two Pac-12 games? I could really see this game being a push which is the worst, you can’t really complain about it being bad or get excited about it being good, you just feel empty. I imagine that’s how girls probably feel when they sleep with me. “ – Sheets

Picker’s Choice

Southwell: Mizzou +3.5 at Tennessee
Cunningham: Florida State -17 vs Boston College
Schnautz: Boise State -12.5 at Wyoming
OKC Dave: K-State +2.5 at WVU (submitted before the game)
Pistolsguy: Georgia State +41 at Clemson
Sheets: La Tech -12 at Old Dominion
Amilian: Mississippi State -30 vs Vanderbilt

Tomorrow should be fun. I’m looking forward to Twitter more so than the game. Go Pokes.

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