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A Week 4 college football gambling guide

Texas-Kansas, A&M-Arkansas, and of course Pokes-Raiders on Thursday night




Aaron Schnautz comes out as the winner of our first week of PFB Pick Em. Everyone else tied for second.

Except me. I’m there at the bottom. Yes, the writer of the gambling post finished dead last.

Contributor Last week Season
Aaron Schnautz 4-1 4-1
Kyle Porter 3-2 3-2
Justin Southwell 3-2 3-2
Carson Cunningham 3-2 3-2
Kevin Davis 3-2 3-2
OKC Dave 3-2 3-2
Brad Freshour 3-2 3-2
Matt Amilian 1-4 1-4
OSU -13.5 vs Texas Tech

The third worst rushing defense in the country visits Stillwater on Thursday and it does so without its defensive coordinator. I don’t know how much weight you can put on that coaching situation because how much worse could it be?

Kliff is going to need a little more time in Lubbock before he gets the program where most of us believe he’ll take it. He better not take too much time because the love from Tech fans will begin to fade quickly and he’ll go from lookin nice to lookin Weis.

This won’t be any less than a 2-touchdown game. There’s no recipe for an upset. Coming off a bye week, OSU will be ready to go and with Iowa State next weekend, there’s not much reason to look ahead. In the corner of the room, 2011 is sitting there like…

OSU doesn’t have to be great to cover this one.

My Pick: OSU -13.5

The lone OSU prop bet of the week

Longest Run/Reception by the Freek: Over/Under 20 yards.

Sure that number seems low. I initially set it at 40 yards, but let’s be real here. If Tyreek reaches 25 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, what is the likelihood an actual human being catches him before reaching 40?

That happened once already this year but I’m convinced that was an anomaly.

Kansas State (-27) vs UTEP

That seems like a big number coming off such an emotional game. I like Kansas State more than I did in the preseason, but it’s one thing to ask a bunch of 18-22 year olds to put the Auburn game behind, and another thing for them to actually do it. K-State wins, but not by 27.

Pick: UTEP +27

TCU (-32.5) at SMU

Southern Messodist has been outscored 146-12 through three games. I have to say I’m more partial to non-denominational schools anyway.
Pick: TCU -32.5

Texas (-14) at Kansas

We all loooooove to hate on Texas. My knee-jerk reaction to this line was to take Kansas +14, but the more I think about it, I lean the other way. Kansas has competed against Central Michigan and Southeast Missouri State this year.

The raw ability of Texas, not necessarily the quality of their team, will get them a win by 20+ this week.

Pick: Horns -14

Baylor (-22.5 at Iowa State)

What do we do with Iowa State? They nearly shock us against Kansas State, and I hold absolutely nothing against them for the North Dakota State loss.

Baylor is 30 points (probably 40 or more actually) better than Iowa State, but I’m rolling with Jack Trice on a 7pm game on Fox.

Pick: Iowa State +22.5


(Thanks to Jeremy Golden for being our guest picker this week)

OSU (-13.5) vs Tech

Southwell: OSU
Cunningham: OSU
Shnautz: Tech
Golden: OSU
Pistolsguy: Tech (He hates OSU)
Amilian: OSU

In case you’re worried about the game, fear not because… “They have to win for my birthday” – Southwell

TCU (-32.5) at SMU

Southwell: SMU
Cunningham: TCU
Shnautz: TCU
Golden: TCU
Pistolsguy: TCU
Amilian: TCU

“Give me the PFB contributors -3.5 against SMU” – Pistolsguy

Kansas (+14) vs Texas

Southwell: Texas
Cunningham: Kansas
Shnautz: Kansas
OKC Dave: Texas
Golden: Texas
Pistolsguy: Kansas
Amilian: Texas

“The Leftovers beat down the Jayhawks, bringing basketball season one week closer.” – Golden

Duke (+4.5) at Miami

Southwell: Miami
Cunningham: Duke
Shnautz: Duke
OKC Dave: Duke
Golden: Duke
Pistolsguy: Duke
Amilian: Duke

Texas A&M (-9) vs Arkansas

Southwell: A&M
Cunningham: A&M
Shnautz: A&M
OKC Dave: A&M
Golden: A&M
Pistolsguy: A&M
Amilian: Arkansas

“Just felt like going against what I felt like would be the popular choice. After seeing everyone’s picks, I’d say that’s accurate.” – Amilian

Enjoy your Thursday Game Day!

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