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A Week 7 college football gambling guide

OSU-Kansas, OU-Texas, TCU-Baylor, and a few great SEC games highlight this Saturday.



Bullet doing work at BPS (USATSI)

Bullet doing work at BPS (USATSI)

Everyone give Pistolsguy a nice little golf clap as he came out as last winner last week.

The OSU-Iowa State was a push, but I’m still surprised it was that close. That seemed like a team you should beat by 20+ on your home turf if you’re a top 25 team.

One more softie before the 2nd half of the season has OSU fans have Yurcich’s playcalling trending on Twitter every Saturday.

Contributor Last week Season
Kyle Porter 3-1 8-6
Aaron Schnautz 1-3 7-7
Justin Southwell 1-3 6-8
OKC Dave 1-3 6-8
Guest 1-3 6-8
Carson Cunningham 2-2 6-8
Matt Amilian 2-2 6-8

OSU -20.5 at Kansas

Why spend time breaking this down with 200+ words on Kansas when I can just show you that Jayhawks can’t even celebrate without screwing up?

Pokes -20.5

OSU prop bet of the week

Which will be greater: The amount passes Garman throws (not just completions) beyond 25 yards or the number of 1st downs for the Kansas offense.

I make these numbers up without looking at stats for either side. I’m going to track this one and see how close it is. My (faux) money is on Daxx’s arm here.

Big 12 lines[1. Many of these lines have changed since starting this post.]

I went 1-3-1 with my Big 12 picks last week, but that 1 win was TCU over OU so the loss column is irrelevant.

OU (-14.5) vs Texas

OU should beat Texas by at least 20, but I keep going back to last year and hesitating on picking them. I heard Al Eschbach on the Sports Animal (it’s like a bad car wreck, I can’t help but listen sometimes) say that Case McCoy had his only good game against OU last year.

Look at McCoy’s 2013 game log to compare his game-by-game stats and tell me Eschbach isn’t an OU fan desperate for an excuse. Let’s not act like a 13-21 for 190 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT was an insane performance.

To be fair, McCoy did throw some ridiculous deep balls in that game that I didn’t see him throw outside the Cotton Bowl. I’m done harping on 2013. New season, different scenario.

Pick: Sooners -14.5

Texas Tech (+4) vs West Virginia

West Virginia’s only trip to Lubbock didn’t go so well. That’s a difficult place for opposing teams to get used to. We know about that.

Pick: Texas Tech +4

Baylor (-10) vs TCU

As a fan, it’d be tough for me to stop thinking about that win over OU. I would imagine the emotions are running higher for the players.

Pick: Baylor -10

Iowa State (-5.5) vs Toledo

How in the world did this game sneak in here? This is like when SEC teams schedule weak non-conference games in the middle of the conference schedule. Smart decision by Toledo to mimic SEC scheduling.

Pick: Toledo +5.5


I gave everyone the first four games, but then allowed them to make their 5th pick from any college football game of the weekend. Our guest picker this week? None other than Mrs. Pistols.

OU (-14.5) vs Texas

Southwell: OU
Cunningham: OU
Schnautz: Texas
OKC Dave: OU
Pistolsguy: OU
Amilian: OU
Mrs. Pistols: OU

“I think they’re the best team in the Big 12 and Baylor beat Texas by 21” – Pistolsguy

UCLA (+3) vs Oregon

Southwell: Oregon
Cunningham: Oregon
Schnautz: Oregon
Pistolsguy: Oregon
Amilian: UCLA
Mrs. Pistols: Oregon

“It seems too obvious to take Oregon.” – Amilian

“The only thing I know about Oregon is neon.” -Mrs. Pistols

Bama (-11) at Arkansas

Southwell: Bama
Cunningham: Arkansas
Schnautz: Bama
OKC Dave: Arkansas
Pistolsguy: Arkansas
Amilian: Bama
Mrs. Pistols: Bama

“Bama…unless this is considered a consolation game.” – Southwell

Florida (+2) vs LSU

Southwell: Florida
Cunningham: LSU
Schnautz: LSU
Pistolsguy: Florida
Amilian: Florida
Mrs. Pistols: Florida

Picker’s Choice

Southwell: Baylor (-8) vs TCU
Cunningham: Texas A&M (-2) vs Ole Miss
Schnautz: Baylor (-7.5) vs TCU
OKC Dave: Auburn (-3) at Mississippi State
Pistolsguy: OSU (-21) at Kansas
Amilian: Texas A&M (-2) vs Ole Miss
Mrs. Pistols: Syracuse (+24) vs. Florida State

“Can I double up on the O/U for the A&M – Ole Miss game? It’s only 63!” – Amilian

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