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A Week 9 college football gambling guide

With only three Big 12 games in the queue can Amilian keep climbing from worst to first?



Can Daxx Garman get it going again on Saturday in Stillwater? (USATSI)

Can Daxx Garman get it going again on Saturday in Stillwater? (USATSI)

Figured I’d have my pregnant wife show us up on our picks this week

Welcome back to the betting post. This week we have a new contributor setting up shop in the cellar.

Enjoy your stay, Justin Southwell!

Contributor Last week Season
Guest (Ubben) 5-0 13-11
Aaron Schnautz 3-2 13-11
Kyle Porter 2-3 12-12
Carson Cunningham 3-2 12-12
OKC Dave 3-2 11-13
Matt Amilian 3-2 9-15
Justin Southwell 1-4 8-16

OSU -1 vs West Virginia

We should always welcome Dana with open arms when he comes back to Stillwater. He was something special as an offensive coordinator and I’m glad to see West Virginia going in the right direction under him.

I’ve lost all confidence in picking OSU to cover and I really want to take West Virginia to win this one, but this is the same Mountaineer team that beat Texas Tech on a comeback, last-second field goal.

It’s hard to bounce back from a type of win that results in tear gas for your town.

I’ve always told myself that I’m not a homer, but I’ve picked OSU to cover the spread in every game this year. Might as well keep it going.

Pick: OSU -1

Prop bets of the week

So my wife walks into my office on Thursday and says “I want to go to the OSU game.” You should know that she’s not a big football fan so this came as a surprise to me.

You should also know that she’s 38½ weeks pregnant and on Tuesday the doctor told us he would expect some activity within a week. Instead of craving cheeseburgers and chocolate and other sweets, my wife craved some Cowboy football. So let’s set some bets on this situation:

500-1 odds that my boy is born in Boone Pickens Stadium. What side are you taking?

According to MapQuest, I live 45.23 miles from Boone Pickens Stadium. If Lindsay goes into labor during the 3rd quarter, how long will it take me to get us from my seats back to our house (before we go to the hospital)? Over/Under 60 minutes

Big 12 lines

It’s a light schedule in the Big 12 this week with just 6 teams in action.

Texas (+10) at Kansas State

Any time you look at a line and make the pick in less than a second, you should probably take a minute and think about it. This shouldn’t be a close game should it? I watched Texas roll with OU through the 4th quarter, but I also watched Iowa State lose to Texas on a last-second field goal at home. I’m persuaded by Ubben here.

Pick: Horns +10

Texas Tech (+23) at TCU

TCU is due for a sloppy game, but if it’s today, it won’t last more than a quarter. Patterson is cruising

Pick: TCU -23


We’ve seen what we contributors can do picking against bloggers’ wives and college football writers, but how can we do against a 38½ week pregnant woman who doesn’t follow the sport?

My lovely bride, Lindsay Amilian, is the guest picker this week.

OSU (-1) vs West Virginia

Southwell: OSU
Cunningham: WVU
Schnautz: OSU
Pistolsguy: WVU
Lindsay: OSU
Amilian: OSU

Lindsay: “What’s West Virginia ranked?”
Me: “22”
Lindsay: “What are we ranked?”
Me: “We’re not.”
Lindsay: “WE’RE NOT RANKED?”

Ohio State (-13.5) at Penn State

Southwell: Ohio State
Cunningham: Ohio State
Schnautz: Penn State
OKC Dave: Penn State
Pistolsguy: Penn State
Lindsay: Ohio State
Amilian: Penn State

USC (-1) at Utah

Southwell: Utah
Cunningham: USC
Schnautz: Utah
Pistolsguy: Utah
Lindsay: USC
Amilian: USC

Texas (+10) at Kansas State

Southwell: K-State
Cunningham: K-State
Schnautz: K-State
OKC Dave: Texas
Pistolsguy: N/A (I got my pick in too late)
Lindsay: K-State
Amilian: Texas

Picker’s Choice

Southwell: BYU +7 at Boise State
Cunningham: Oregon -18 at Cal
Schnautz: Clemon -14.5 vs Syracuse
OKC Dave: TCU -23 vs Texas Tech
Pistolsguy: LSU vs. Ole Miss — I don’t even care what the line is (I’m not even going to look it up)
Lindsay: Mississippi State -14 at Kentucky
Amilian: South Carolina +19 at Auburn

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