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A weight room intern didn’t know who Glenn Spencer was

This is hilarious. I want video of the exchange.



There’s a lot going on here so let’s take this one sentence at a time.

• First, how do you get a job on the OSU football staff (well, all-sports staff) and not know one of the three highest-paid folks in the entire athletics program? That would be like getting a gig at Apple and being like WHO IS THIS WOZNIAKGJYEK FELLOW?

• Can you imagine Spencer’s face when he was asked if he coaches at OSU? Something like this, I bet:

• The last part is pretty cool. Spencer (and his ego) getting put in place and being fine with it. I need to see how much it costs to hire him as a life coach in the offseason.

• Jeannine Edwards from off the top rope! Great quote, too.

• The intern has definitely been fired, yes?

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