About That Schedule

Written by Kyle Porter

Photo Attribution: KT King

The Big 12 schedule was (finally) released this morning, Valentine’s Day, which is just one more reason for wives and girlfriends to be fired up about football. Good work logistics geniuses at the Big 12 office, you’ve done yourself proud.

Let’s take a quick gander at OSU’s slate.

Sept. 1 – Savannah State – Great way to break in Walunelf to the QB position. Part of me hates these games because…what’s the point? But part of me loves not opening with LSU in Jerry-world to blow your slim-to-none title aspirations a la Oklahoma State West Coast last year.

Sept. 8 – at Arizona – Over/under on number of times Nick Foles’ name is mentioned here? I mean if I set it at 9.5 you’d think about it, right?

Sept. 15 – Louisiana – “Louisiana has one NFL guy, the dude at right corner. But we have the best wide receiver in the country over there. So F him!”

Sept. 29 – Texas – Pretty bizarre stretch of 28 days with only one game for OSU. I might not speak for everyone but Texas could have David Ash, Case McCoy, or Luke Schenscher under center and this game would still make me nervous.

Oct. 13 – at Kansas – Weis should have KU rolling by this point. That or his assistants might be rolling him to practice. One or the other.

Oct. 20 – Iowa State^ – I think the caret is supposed to mean “this is OSU’s homecoming” but to me it means “we are going to make the riots in Greece seem tame.”

Oct. 27 – TCU – TCU is one of the five teams that could win the Big 12 (OU, WVU, KSU, OSU are the others) so to get them at home is massive. You don’t want to play three of those five on the road in 2012.

Nov. 3 – at Kansas State – Has to be OSU’s toughest game outside of Norman. Wildcats came within a Collin Klein scamper AND BONEHEADED CLOCK KEEPER’S MISTAKE from falling to Snyder’s squad in 2011. This year in Manhattan will be that much tougher.

Nov. 10 – West Virginia – It’s hard to conjure up the words for how excited I am for Dana’s return. Part of me thinks we should go all out, build a statue of orange-colored Twinkies outside Boone Pickens Stadium in his likeness, let Weeden present him with a 1,000-page playbook during pregame ceremonies that just has a middle finger on every page, and have Rickie Fowler jump out of a hot air balloon in a Red Bull outfit with the game ball. But that’s just me…

Nov. 17 – Texas Tech – Remember when it used to matter where OSU played them?

Nov. 24 – at Oklahoma – Not a huge fan of the date because I loved having Thanksgiving open last year. Bedlam always seems so broken up by the holiday festivities and it never seems like the crowd are what they could/should be [insert Gaylord > Boone attendance joke here].

Dec. 1 – at Baylor – Good to see the Big 12 administration has discovered our new found disdain for one another and delivered up a tasty pre-Christmas treat. This could be the “wait….we were REALLY good last season” game of the year in the Big 12.

Overall a pretty good hand dealt to OSU and its fans. You knew beforehand OU and Baylor would be on the road and Texas would be at home so to get WVU and TCU at home and Kansas on the road is outstanding. Really, the only way things could have fallen better is if you made the Tech game in Lubbock and put KSU back in Boone’s house. But we’re getting greedy now.

No predictions for me right now (because it’s February!!!) but things are setting up nicely for what should be a “down” year*.

*Bob Simmons would have killed people to have down years like this one.

Full Big 12 schedule

Full Oklahoma State schedule

  • For the reasons you mentioned, you should like Bedlam on Thanksgiving weekend because it’s in Norman. I think I might travel to Waco on Dec. 1 because of how much I loathe Baylor. Seriously, PFB followers need to pack that place out!

    • KNelson

      How awesome would it be if the stands were dominated by orange in their house! It wouldn’t be that hard to do, there are usually plenty of seats available…

      • Steven

        Yes, this has been a problem for us in the past. Our solution: A) win a Heisman trophy B) build a smaller stadium.

        That’ll show ’em. 🙂

        Freemason10 = Texags.com Ambassador to PFB? I knew Liucci was bankin’ with his little site down there in aggieland but geezzzz…

  • maxthepoke

    I was thinking that Texas could put in Luke Axelrod and bomb in 3 pointers from the 50 yard line.

  • Will

    Getting West Virginia at home gives them at least one year before we label them as the new-Worst Place to Play in the Big 12…spot vacated by A&M.

    • Scott

      Lubuttock will always hold this distinction. I will NEVER subject my family to that nightmare again!

      • chino_05

        I am with you there Scott! I will never return to Lubbock, TX…can’t wait for a trip to Morgantown, though.

        Also, Kyle – did you really have to mention Schenscher? Really? I could have done without that today. 🙂

      • Billy Covington

        Unfortunately, I live close to Lubbock – right in the middle of the Techtard horde – and I’m with you on this. I haven’t been to an OSU sporting event in that hell-hole since I was pushed, shoved, and nearly run over (by a truck) for wearing an orange shirt (all this after a John Lucas led OSU lost on a last second shot!)

        And Morgantown is a pretty neat college town – I would definitely enjoy returning there to watch a football game!

    • Will

      I was in Morgantown in 06 for a WVU/Syracuse game and the fans were legendarily bad…throwing beer bottles at players, chanting “whore” at the OC’s wife…pretty bad. The student section is literally fenced off from the rest of the stadium.

  • Chance

    Nothing against Iowa State personally…they’ve done nothing wrong, but I hope we break 70 against them.

    It’s interesting we don’t have to repeat any locations with any team. I’m wondering if that’s the same for everyone else, and if TCU and WVU did indeed slide into A&Ms and Missouri’s spots to some extent.

    • reformedsooner

      Simmons wouldn’t have killed for it, but he would have definitely given a kidney.

      • I’d give you a “+1” if he was the one that had donated the kidney, but he wasn’t.

        • reformedsooner

          How about a +1 since he would be giving a kidney he couldn’t afford to give since he only had one good one. But a -1 for leaving that reply on someone else’s comment. Not sure how that happened. Probably distracted by the small dog with the red collar. 🙂

  • tyler

    “TCU is one of the five teams that could win the Big 12 (OU, WVU, KSU, OSU are the others)”

    I would drop osu from this list and add Texas.

    • Geoff

      Tyler, University of Texas was 4-5 in the Big12 last year. I think I would aim for a winning record before I’d shoot for taking home the gold. I would be content with steps in the right direction instead of praying for football miracles, if I were you.

      • tyler

        I’m actually an osu fan. Nice try Geoff. We lose so much to be considered conference title contenders. UT returns a lot.

  • Chance

    I just realized something – I’m pretty sure OU and OSU have completely opposite home/road conference schedules, other than Texas. What I mean is that everyone we get at home OU gets away and vice versa. Apparently some OU fans were complaining, but we’ll get the same schedule next year.

  • How are we ignoring the fact that Texas and Texas a&m both have November 17th open. I find this hilarious, but I might be the only person who does.

    • KNelson

      I must be missing something. They always played the day after Thanksgiving, which would be Nov. 23rd this year…

  • Money

    “TCU is one of the five teams that could win the Big 12 (OU, WVU, KSU, OSU are the others)”

    TCU is a pretender and is going to get shown up after having to play real teams all year.