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Adidas is doing Power Rangers things



Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 10.18.54 AM

Big thanks to @osuranger14 (kind of funny given the photoshop work) for the picture.

Welp, Adidas has given up, or its R&D division is drinking heavily during work hours, or an executive lost a bet with a 4-year-old.

Really, all of those scenarios are in play at this point.

These new uniforms were released today for postseason play — the UCLA ones, egads, John Wooden is doing backflips in his grave.

Also, Mike Holder’s email is not difficult to find. Send him a quick email thanking him for staying Nike. Tell him this blog will raise the money necessary to stay Nike if it ever comes down to it.

I mean, just look at the difference! We only have to deal with theoretical camo unis

Also, how does Kansas go from this to Zubaz on its sleeves? How?

Here are some great tweets about the unis too…

River in Egypt

Adidas did happen.

I think the defense of these is the best part. They look good!


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