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AJ Ferrari Signs with First Round Management

Ferrari’s marketability continues.



Photo via Bruce Waterfield, Oklahoma State Athletics]

AJ Ferrari, one of the most marketable names in the sport of wrestling right now, has announced he’s signed with First Round Management.

First Round Management is an athlete agency that states this as their mission:

Our mission is to provide a family-oriented service for our clients in order to create an atmosphere of transparency, accessibility, and dependability. We believe that our clients should be treated as people, not just a commodity based on draft value. It is also our duty to provide sufficient and resourceful information for our clients so they are equipped to handle any situation.

First Round Management represents a number of NFL and MMA athletes, specifically Jon Jones, Demetrius Johnson, Derrick Lewis and, notably, Jorge Masvidal.

Masvidal has seemingly struck up a bit of a friendship with Ferrari and even let him drive his Porsche recently.

This follows Ferrari’s first publicly marketed apparel deal with NearFall Clothing.

Another notable recent Oklahoma State Wrestling signing is Anthony Montalvo and Cumulus Sport. He’s now marketing their custom knee pads.

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