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Alamo Bowl Roundtable: PFB Makes Final Predictions



Ahead of Thursday night’s Alamo Bowl between Oklahoma State and Colorado, the Pistols Firing team made it’s final predictions. What are we most worried about? Will Gundy open up the playbook? Who the heck wins? We discuss it all here.

Kyle Boone: What are you feeling most confident/least confident about?

Caleb: I feel most confident that Jordan Sterns will break 100 tackles and that mason will break 4000 yards (they need 6 and 227 respectively I believe). I feel least confident in Gundy’s play calls. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Kyle Cox: Most confident in the OSU offense. The dome should eliminate any excuses and Gundy seems more prone to loosen the reigns in this type of bowl/game. Least confident or at least cautiously optimistic about OSU’s ability to run the ball. They will need to get some productions from Hill/Carson to keep Colorado’s stud safety(s) honest.

Sam Aldrich: I’m most confident that Chris Carson goes out with a bang- at least 100 yards rushing and a score. I’m least confident in our defense’s ability to get off the field on 3rd down.

KB:  Most confident: Justice Hill and Chris Carson getting theirs. The CU secondary has been solid, and I feel like they will try to bait Mason into airing it out. Should leave ample opportunities on the ground.
Least confident: The defense. Sefo Liufau was one of the top QB’s in the P12 this season. When he’s healthy (and he’s been battling an ankle), the Buffs are a much different team. He can beat you with his legs. That’s not what OSU fans want to see.

Kyle Porter: Bill Haisten wrote about this today, but I don’t feel confident that the motivation on both sides is equivalent. This is Colorado’s Super Bowl. It feels a little bit like we have one eye on 2017 already. That’s not a bad thing, but it might make for a bad outcome. I feel most confident that Justice Hill is going to be incredible.

Thomas Fleming: I’m most confident in OSU’s ability to force 1-2 turnovers. Liufau isn’t an overwhelmingly great passer and I would be surprised if OSU picked him off at least once. I’m least confident about Mason, surprisingly, and his ability to do well. I don’t know why, but I’m afraid that away mason = neutral site mason. And this secondary is good. Really, really good.
^addendum — picked him off at least once in obvious passing situations

KB: Coming off arguably the most scrutinized gameplan in OSU football history vs. OU, what are you expecting against Colorado? More conservativeness, or will Gundy let it all hang loose a la 2015 Cactus Bowl?

Sam: I think it’s all gonna hang loose, and it will be glorious. I’m predicting one of the best performances of the season from the offense. Also, I’m not quite as impressed with Colorado as many seem to be..

KC: I’ll stick with my above comment/hope. I think we see a more aggressive play call but still expect plenty of ground game. You can have both. Just need to take shots when you get a chance. Not doing so would be a disservice to the players and especially the outgoing seniors.

KP: Is the fifth 10-win season in seven years on the line? Is it a nationally-televised top-12 matchup? Is there a lot to play for and thus a lot to lose? BRING ME ALL THE BUBBLE SCREENS AND FULLBACK DIVES!

KC: I want Veatch taking a snap

Thomas: Meh. Gundy and his wrinkles are constantly an enigma. Historically, he hasn’t done a lot when it comes to trickeration in bowl games minus when monken was here and they unnecessarily used a billion of them against a mediocre Purdue team because, hey, why not. Last year, they had some interesting stuff, but for some unknown reason didn’t start using it until they were waaayyy behind and Walsh was in the fame. He makes no sense to me sometimes. I expect more of the same with some kind-of new shifts and/or motions thrown in there. But boy, would I love to be wrong and watch them go Boise St on everyone.

Caleb: I agree with Porter. I have no evidence, but have a strong feeling Gundy is eyeing next year pretty hungrily, making this bowl game more about mitigating risk of injury and confidence-breaking interceptions. I expect his philosophy is “How little can I risk and still make this look somewhat competitive.” which is frustrating and dissapointing as a fan but I guess understandable?

KP: Maybe Arroyo will Tonya Harding him, hop on Ralphie and ride this baby into ESPN Classic lore.

Caleb: Now last time they played this bowl with an eye on the 2011 season they came out and won 34-10, but it was also against a much less-threatening Arizona. I just see him not wanting to risk Rudolph’s confidence or Justice getting hurt.

Thomas: And that’s such a petty reason but you’re absolutely right @calebdeck

Thomas: Sometimes Gundy reminds me of the dude from benchwarmers who’s afraid of the sun

KB: KK awesome. Let’s wrap. Final score predictions?

Kyle Cox Kyle Porter Thomas Fleming Sam Aldrich Kyle Boone Justin Southwell Caleb Deck
OSU 38, CU 35 OSU 38, CU 30 OSU 34, CU 28 OSU 41, CU 28 OSU 42, CU 27 OSU 49, CU 10 OSU 42, CU 28

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