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All-message board name team

Zack, Boggans, and Terrell…



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Yep, it’s the offseason.

My friends[1. Credit OKC Dave and @carsonc5 for a few of the ones below.] and I are always texting about the most commonly butchered names in OSU sports (and sports in general for that matter). These are names that your average message board poster is going to execute about as well as Tony Allen on a breakaway layup with Lance Stephenson closing in on him.

There are certainly some I missed here which is why I want to hear from you in the comments section.

But here’s my admittedly incomplete list…

Name: Zac Robinson
Variations: Zach, Zack

This one blows my mind. It’s not like he was a third-string guy who barely saw the field. He was probably the second best quarterback in school history!

Name: Morgan Hoffmann
Variations: Hoffman

This one is tough — I blew it for probably two years before I learned my lesson.

Name: Christien Sager
Variations: Christian

His parents probably wanted a unique twist on his name — little did they know Oklahoma State fans would be pasting the letters of that name all over the Internet in phrases like “Christian > Le’Bryan” and Googling things like “why is Christian Sager better at rebounding than all the other Oklahoma State basketball players?”

Name: Terrel Harris
Variations: Terrell

I think his name was spelled more often with two “Ls” than with one.

Name: Herschel Sims
Variations: Simms

It’s like somebody stole the other “M”[1. I’ll be here all year.]

Name: Daxx Garman
Variations: Dax

Give this one time to marinate.

Name: Shaun Lewis
Variations: Shawn, Sean

This is just sheer laziness.

Name: Jhajuan Seales
Variations: too many to list

An Orange Power moderator’s nightmare.

Name: Victor Irokansi
Variations: all of them

Like Jhajuan but potentially harder

Name: Daytawion Lowe
Variations: Daytawn, Datawion

Some just call him “the dude who loves horses.”

Name: Rickie Fowler
Variations: Ricky

OK, some of these I understand but when Dean Blevins is Tweeting about Ricky Fowler for the 293rd time in the last two years, I mean, the dude’s name is everywhere. It’s not like he’s the No. 4 WR on an 8-4 OSU football team.

Name: Mario Boggan
Variations: Boggans

One of the classics.

Name: Keiton Page
Variations: Keaton

Keaton Paige would actually be a good alias for the Pawnee Pistol when he goes back home to avoid getting mobbed by overzealous Pawnee fans.

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