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Why does he look so tame?

How much do  you expect the crowd at Kyle Field to be a factor inhibiting Weeden’s ability to get things done?
The real Kyle
Houston, TX

Why don’t I let Mr. Weeden himself tell you…

“The only difference is when we do something well, not as many people cheer. That’s the only real difference, and that is fine. We enjoy that.”

I’m not sure that’s the only difference, but I am pretty stoked we’re not kicking this thing off under the lights.

Is it just me or do other people put some blame on the big 12’s inevitable break up on the shoulders of Dan Beebe? I mean honestly, what has he done to save the big 12? The second most powerful conference in CFB is about to be no more. That starts with the commish.

Tulsa, Ok

Sorry, Schem (I can call you that, right?) – I know you sent this question in like 48 hours ago but it’s already more outdated than Gene Chizik’s wardrobe.

You’re right in some ways, although I would argue that the man wasn’t granted a lot of power by the other members of the conference in the first place. I mean we’re talking about a group that, when approached several years ago about starting the Big 12 network turned it down and is now upset because Texas started their own. What was he supposed to do with that?

David Boren said yesterday that OU (or Texas) wasn’t “driving the train”, but you’d be foolish to think the commissioner of the Big 12 was anything more than putty in the hands of Gepetto.

Remember me?

Jorvorskie Lane
A burger joint, TX

I’m trying to forget…

Am I alone in being more nervous about this weekend against the Ags than any other OSU game ever? We’ve had games against better teams (OU every year) and on bigger stages (College Gameday in Stillwater), but we were never expected to win those games. We’ve only had hope and want on our sides before this. The Cowboys have never had a game where the season’s expectations have been this high and the opponent been this good. This is unfamiliar territory for us.

Dallas, TX

(I promise all these Kyles aren’t actually me asking myself questions so I can make my mailbag look more legitimate. I promise!)

Actually, if I remember correctly, OSU was favored at home by 2 over OU last year with the conference on the line.

I don’t think you’re alone either, and here’s why: OSU has only had nine games in its history involving two top ten teams. I would venture to say that the majority of those haven’t been with national title aspirations still intact. That’s the difference in this one. Lose, and crystallized dreams turn to dust. Win, and you can start thinking about hitting Texas and Mizzou with a left hook and a right haymaker to propel you to November undefeated.

OSU did play a top ten game against Texas in 2008 when they were #1 and OSU was still undefeated, but I’m not sure the words “reasonable national title aspirations” could have been used by any rational OSU fan to describe that ’08 team. They were fun, and they were good, but they were not national title contenders.

Why didn’t Eddie send in Weatherspoon to cover Will Bynum on the final play in the most epic of games in the most epic of seasons? I also have a followup question; how do you think we do against Uconn in the NC game if we beat GT? Okafor and Gordon were amazing that year, but I don’t think they had seen a defense like ours, and I believe that Tony negates Gordon’s production and I have a heart attack due to sheer joy. And then moving forward, Eddie quits his habits cold turkey, and coaches Gerald Green, Keith Brumbagh, and the others of the greatest recruiting class in the history of OSU to our second NC in 4 years!!! I know I am reaching here, but hey; it’s Friday Mailbag baby! Go Pokes!

(Currently in Canada, Based in Tulsa, Headed to College Station when the Mailbag goes live again)

Nope, not a reach at all (yes it is).

This is a good question that begs a bigger question: when was the last time we cared enough about an OSU basketball team to talk defensive matchups of a big game during football season 7 years after the fact?

I think it’s kind of flown under the radar, but Travis Ford has put a squad together. They aren’t going to be pretty and they probably aren’t going to be defensively sound, but they’re going to be fun, and I think they’re going to fill up GIA this year. At least I hope so. At least they aren’t going to be locked out!!!

Are you going to miss me on Saturday night when you’re 3-1 and I’m 4-0 and being carried through the frat houses on a dilapidated couch while coeds feed me grapes and douse me in champagne?

Morgantown, WV

What are you talking about? I haven’t stopped missing you.

Be safe those of you traveling to College Station, and enjoy the weekend everyone.

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with the preview and tweeting like crazy all day – if Gilbert doesn’t house the first kick and I’m unconscious on my living room floor.

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