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A&M: The Hot Girl Always Has Baggage



A&M is gone. You know it, I know it, R. Bowen Loftin knows it, and whoever broke this story knows it (he’s just praying it’s still true).

It’s going to happen at some point. 2011, 2012, 2013, whatever. But as Richard Justice pointed out today, they can’t keep crying wolf without packing up and heading east.

Right now A&M is just using the Longhorn Network and instability of the Big 12 as an excuse to bail. I don’t really even think they think the Longhorn Network is that big of a deal other than seeing it as leverage (or a reason) to leave, especially considering the NCAA banned high school games from being shown on it as of yesterday.

The Aggies at this point are like the dude who’s dating the cute girl (Big 12) who can cook really well, has a solid job, and generally does everything right and yeah she’s got the crazy mom (Texas) who annoys him but he knows he should just keep his mouth shut because life is pretty good for him.

But he just can’t do it.

He’s been eyeing the smoking hot girl at his gym (SEC) who he knows is certifiably insane and has a ton of baggage but, well, she’s hot and he really wants to date her. So he bails on the cute girl and is excited for a while because he doesn’t have to deal with her mom anymore but realizes six months later the when deranged hot girl is screaming obscenities at him from her poolside balcony and threatening to kill him that he would much rather deal with crazy mom than completely insane girlfriend.

In this case the crazy girlfriend screaming obscenities is A&M going to Death Valley and Tuscaloosa and Gainesville and getting it handed to them.

Yes, going to the SEC will provide your school with more money (of course for a time that will be money you’re paying back to the Big 12 for an early exit).

Yes, at some point A&M will bring in the players to compete at the SEC level even though they (like OSU) have struggled to keep their heads above water in the Big 12 South for the past fifteen years.

And yes, they will finally break away from Texas and “forge their own identity” outside the shadow of mighty Bevo (whatever that means).

You can say this is about academics and a stable conference and whatever else your public relations firm tells you sounds good. But this about two things: jealousy of Texas and lust for the SEC.

But be careful what you wish for, Aggies. Because Florida and Bama and LSU are about to become your new Texas. No, none is as powerful, but they come in droves. In the Big 12 you matter, you’re important, you have the best fans and are a top three program/school. In the SEC though? You’re just another team.

And being “just another team” gets old, trust me.

The problem is that A&M thinks it matters nationally a lot more than it actually does simply because it’s A&M. That’s one thing I appreciate about the Oklahoma State program. It knows its place. It knows it will never be OU or Texas and doesn’t have a complex because of that fact.

Just do your own thing and people will follow.

The funniest part of it all? DeLoss Dodds could call Mike Slive this afternoon and say two words (“we’re in”) just to spite A&M and everybody’s back at square one.

Photo Attribution: SF Gate

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