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Analyzing the AP Poll: OSU Still Has Skeptics to Convince



After destroying the Baylor Bears, and a wild weekend of upsets, Oklahoma State saw itself move up four spots to re-enter the top 10 in the latest Associated Press poll.

I’m not sure which OSU benefited from more, destroying a Baylor team that had been looking more impressive as of late, or four top-10 teams losing, including a few who lost to teams they had no business losing too. Looking at you, Clemson and Washington.

Whichever it was, a LOT of voters realized that OSU is a Top-10 team.

Week Top-10 11-25 Highest% Highest Lowest
Pre-Season 24 37 No. 10, 11, 12 (10 votes) No. 2 No. 23
Week 2 36 25 No. 9 (14 votes) No. 3 No. 15
Week 3 40 21 No. 8 (13 votes) No. 6 No. 15
Week 4 55 6 No. 5 (13 votes) No. 4 No. 12
Week 5 0 61 No. 14 (14 votes) No. 12 No. 21
Week 6 0 61 No. 15 (14 votes) No. 11 No. 20
Week 7 2 59 No. 13 (11 votes) No. 9 No. 20
Week 8 26 35 No. 10 (12 votes) No. 7 No. 18

This week’s rankings look very similar to where voters had OSU in the preseason. Most are right in the middle with the majority of voters at No. 10 while nine voters had OSU No. 11 and there were 16 voters evenly divided between Nos. 12 and 13.

OSU still has some non-believers. Pat Caputo only moved the Cowboys up one spot, from 19th to 18th after the win, two spots behind Washington State who got embarrassed by a mediocre Cal team, and one spot ahead of an LSU team that lost their homecoming game to Troy. Bill Landis meanwhile still has the Cowboys at 17th.

On the flip side, three voters had OSU in 7th place, and Brent Axe, who had the Cowboys 20th last week, bumped them all the way up to No. 11 this week.

Honestly, I can’t completely blame those that still have OSU ranked lower. While they throttled Baylor and looked good doing it, they still had issues. Issues on special teams, issues with Rudolph overthrowing receivers in the first half. Until I see a clean game from special teams, I’m going to fear that costing them a game against a solid opponent.

If OSU beats Texas handily this weekend, by two or more scores, I’ll start really buying in again. Until then, I’ll sit on the side of skeptical like those who are still voting OSU outside of the top-10.

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