Anatomy of a Touchdown

Written by Kyle Porter

You saw all 39 of the Weeden2Blackmon TDs yesterday in the bullets, but here’s a little additional information on how those break down by yardage, where they were caught on the field, how many 81 ran in and how many he caught in the endzone, and how many times they went to the fade. Hope you enjoy!

Here’s a look at this infographic enlarged on Flickr if you’re having trouble seeing it on here.

  • Scott

    Holy cow! I can’t believe that they were within two TD’s from 51+ of having the most from that distance!

  • Poke

    Solid work.

  • maxthepoke

    Serious work!

  • Cory

    I think you years are off. Colorado was 2009 season, then 2010 and 2011. Only game in 2012 was Fiesta Bowl but it was 2011 season.

    Love the graphic though!

    • Kyle Porter

      Welp, that’s quite embarrassing.

      • Poke

        Call in the ’09-’10, ’10-’11 seasons etc.

        • Poke


  • Nate

    Good stuff

    • Kyle Porter

      Nate – is that you? Are you ill?

  • Nate

    Haha just take the damn compliment, Kyle.

    I guess I’m nicer in the off season, but don’t get used to it…

    • FreeMason10

      I knew you had a sensitive side

  • Mark

    As many fades as I remember seeing I’m actually surprised it wasn’t more of that type. The Holgorson face is the best part of the infographic. Classic!

  • klucas45

    Great work, but why the Dez face for a fade and not a picture of Blackmon.

    • Kyle Porter

      Because Dez owns that route, at OSU anyway.

  • G-Block


  • CarsonC5

    Dana caption made this truly great.