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Andrew Wiggins is on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Wiggins over Smart?



Andrew Wiggins is on the cover of SI this week (here’s the insanely cool iPad version):

Some people want to know why Marcus Smart wasn’t chosen over the never-played-a-minute Wiggins.

I don’t really have a problem with it — SI can do what it wants with its magazine, I’m not even totally sure OSU is credentialing SI right now anyway for anything much less an in-depth look at its best athlete.

But I get what people are saying about SI and that they should profile the really great Smart story over the “haven’t we been here before with, like, everybody since LeBrown” Wiggins story.

Fact is I’m kind of glad it went down like this. The more OSU can defer expectations and hype to the 18-year-old with zero college points, the better.

We’ll see who’s on the cover come March.

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