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Anthony Hickey talks about how OSU must close out the season

Time for some soul search in Stillwater.



Anthony Hickey knows OSU has blown some opportunities. (USATSI)

Anthony Hickey knows OSU has blown some opportunities. (USATSI)

Anthony Hickey has seemed like the de facto leader of this Oklahoma State basketball team all season.

I don’t know if that’s because Le’Bryan Nash has passed the buck, Hickey plays point guard or Ford has tabbed him as such (or all three?) but his words after the WVU loss on Saturday cut right to the heart of OSU’s 10-day struggles.

“We have been to the highest point and now we are at the lowest point again,” said Hickey. “It’s all about what do we want from here on out.”

I’m not sure “beating KU and moving into the top 25” is “the highest point” but I understand his point regardless.

“It’s not the coaches’ fault, it’s the players’ fault. They can only coach so much. Even myself and Cobbins as seniors, we have to step up and get this team back and rolling.

“We’ve got to do some soul searching. Just watching the fans leave is on us. We have to get them engaged and get them wins and get them some excitement. We’ve got three more games and this is my last home game coming up. We just have to turn this thing around the best way we can. We’ve just got to find a way.”

This seems to be the opposite of how the OSU team ended the season last year — with fingers pointing every direction but inward.

Does this mean OSU is going to win three straight and cruise to a 5-seed or 6-seed in the NCAA Tournament? No, but a week off will do this team some good, and as Michael Cobbins added to Hickey’s statement, OSU knows what it needs to do.

“I guess this week off is giving us time to actually sit down and do that and get back in the lab and work.”

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