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Arizona Game Superlatives



NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at ArizonaPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Cox Communications, Rich Rodriguez’s agent, the Pac-12 Network, all of OSU’s backup WRs, Wes Lunt, Twitter (it’s the best during games), Hibbett in Stillwater (they sell WR gloves, right?).

Losers: J.W. Walsh, Isaiah Anderson’s hands, all of us for having to watch the Pac-12 Network, OSU’s punt return team, newspaper writers for having to file like 11 minutes after the game, the desk Todd Monken was at, Calvin Barnett, Savannah State’s strength of schedule.

Best play: The seed Lunt threw to Tracy Moore on his second TD. Moore was wide open, yes, but Lunt threw it like he had nine guys hanging on him.

Worst play: The ball Josh Stewart caught, set down on the ground, wrapped in Christmas tree paper, and handed to the Arizona DB covering him.

Best player: Lunt, and it wasn’t close. Although Randle played pretty well too.

Worst player: Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you…Justin Gilbert was not good last night. Busted coverage, dropped kick returns, I’m with @carsonc5 – he and Brodrick need to stop reading about how great they are and start being it.

“God, why?!” moment:  Quinn Sharp banking one in off the uprights. I had ‘Nam like flashbacks to Ames.

Uniform Heisman: Joseph Randle looked really slick. I feel like I should also mention Gilbert’s gray sleeves (awesome) and Lunt’s Tom Brady chinstrap (all the great ones wear it).

Quote: “It’s gonna be a basketball game, both teams are gonna want to hold serve.” -Glenn Parker (play-by-play)

Other quote: “We aren’t going to throw Lunt out there and expect him to throw it 60 times to win.” -Monken two weeks ago (and technically right)

Hashtag: #FailDozer (on Walsh’s 4th and 1 disaster)

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