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Awful Announcing: Louisiana Game



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After last weekend’s Pac-12 cluster I didn’t know if any announcing crew could top what that trio barfed all over my television screen but this week’s group took awful announcing to unequivocally new heights.

Here’s a collection of jewels from Joel Meyers, Brian Baldinger, and the legendary Jim Knox (see video at bottom of post).

Meyers after Baldinger suggested the refs review an OSU TD late in the third quarter: “do you reaaaaally want a review?” [silence for 10 seconds].

Meyers: “their rivalry with OU, I mean the Civil War is really great these days.” You’re about 1,900 miles east of the Civil War, bro.

Meyers or Baldinger (I don’t remember): “OSU is SUCH a tradition-rich football school.” All-time record: 533-524-47 (.504 winning percentage).

Meyers or Baldinger (it really doesn’t matter): “Dez Bryant……Justin Blackmon……and Blake Jackson!!!” After Jackson’s first career college touchdown reception.

Baldinger: “Walsh throws the ball better than almost any guy I’ve seen this year.” Was this his first game? First college game at least?

Meyers: “Good tackle by Lavocheiarhaoda.”
Baldinger: “What was that?”
Meyers: “Lavocheyslada.”

He meant “Lavocheya.”

Everybody together now: “la-VOTCH-ee-yay” (that’s why you get a media guide, Joel).

In his defense, typing the name “Lavocheya” has put multiple OSU message boarders in the hospital.

Their magnum opus was openly wondering if J.W. Walsh was an upgrade from Wes Lunt (defensible, I guess) and maybe even Brandon Weeden: “he’s just SO athletic, he does so many things those other two guys don’t do.” Uh, ok.

All in all I absolutely loved these guys, endless posts for me and unintentional comedy for you. Everybody wins. Except Lunt’s knee.

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